The Perfect Easter Gift

The perfect Easter gift: This book is a collection of individual testimonies as I imagined they would be by some of the people who were with Jesus when He died. Each one is based totally on Scripture with a bit of my imagination added to put it in storybook format. I hope you will get … Continue reading The Perfect Easter Gift

Put Some Oil in my Lamp, Keep it Burning!

We are so blessed to have the Scriptures to study so we can know Jesus and understand what His plans are for our lives! The more we read them, the more God can teach us and lead us because His Word in us is the Light that gets brighter as we travel the path that … Continue reading Put Some Oil in my Lamp, Keep it Burning!

The Blessing of Father and Child

God wants us to know Him so we can fellowship with Him, as Father and child. When we study the Bible with a heart to learn the truth, God reveals Himself to us, and His righteousness through Jesus fills us to overflowing. We should never accept what others say "about" God as a substitute for … Continue reading The Blessing of Father and Child