A Glimpse of Truth

As we continue to celebrate Christmas throughout the weekend, let's not forget why we celebrate. God loved His children so much that when they were separated from Him because of sin, God Himself determined to leave His throne in Heaven to become a man and live amongst us. Jesus came willingly so that He could … Continue reading A Glimpse of Truth

An Update You Need to Hear

Amir Tsarfati from Behold Israel has a very interesting news update. It's scary, yet exciting as he talks about some of the things that are happening all around the world, but mostly in America and Israel. Yes, it's becoming more claear than ever before that we are living in the very last days before Jesus … Continue reading An Update You Need to Hear

The Delight of the Meek

There are times when we need to be bold and speak out against certain issues, and even fight for the rights and security of others. Some battles are intense but we know that God is leading us, fighting and winning them through us. The victory comes when we study the Scriptures and know His will, … Continue reading The Delight of the Meek