Knowing Right from Wrong

God's laws are being changed to suit the lifestyles of this modern world. Many Christians accept the changes and assume that God is okay with them because government AND Christian leaders make the changes. But God does not change, and He is not okay with this! As followers of Jesus, we have to do that—FOLLOW … Continue reading Knowing Right from Wrong

In Times of Diversity

The Bible is God's instruction manual for believers! It's filled with His promises to take care of us when we seek His wisdom, knowledge, and instructions daily. We're told in 2 Timothy 2:15 to study the Scriptures. This isn't a suggestion—this is a command! It's only by studying and getting God's truth into our minds … Continue reading In Times of Diversity

Seasons Have a Purpose

Many of us have either gone through or are currently experiencing a time of stress, pain, or sorrow, and it's hard to see that anything good would come from it. When we face these turbulent times, we have to go to God, surrender our situation to Him, and ask for His complete healing and restoration. … Continue reading Seasons Have a Purpose

God Knows Best

Many people who turn from the world and accept Jesus as their Savior don't realize that Jesus also becomes their Lord. According to the Merriam Dictionary, a lord is "someone or something having power, authority, or influence; a master or ruler." When we were of this world, the devil was the authority, but as Christians, … Continue reading God Knows Best

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Many people try to hide from the stresses around them through substance abuse, immorality, or idolatry, but ignorance is not bliss as it only feeds the fear. We can't change what's happening in this sinful world, but as Christians, we can be at peace and live in God's grace when we spend time in prayer … Continue reading Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Confidence Despite Changes

The seasons in our lives bring changes, and combined with new worldly mandates and values, it can seem as if there is nothing steadfast in life. But when we know Jesus as our Savior, we have confidence despite these things because we know that God does not change, nor does His Word change. Whatever God … Continue reading Confidence Despite Changes

Change IS Coming!

The world is in for a big change—and soon! Bible prophets warned us about the Great Tribulation, the time of God's judgment against sin, and most of their prophecies have been fulfilled, so we know the time is near. Apostle Paul said that Jesus would rapture the Christians out of here before the Tribulation, and … Continue reading Change IS Coming!

The Faithful Shepherd

Sheep are dependent on their shepherd to watch over them, protect them from enemies, and provide all of their needs. They know his voice and don't look to anyone else except that shepherd. Jesus is OUR Shepherd; we are HIS flock!. He leads us, watches over us, protects us from the enemy, and provides for … Continue reading The Faithful Shepherd

Stay Confident

We face new challenges and stresses every day, even though we're Christians, simply because we live in this sinful world. Yet, we can have confidence for a productive and joyful day when we begin each new morning with prayer and thanksgiving and study the Scriptures daily for His truth and wisdom. When we ask God … Continue reading Stay Confident