His Word

As we look around, it's evident that the world is going through some terrible situations. From the war against Israel in the Middle East to the horrific climatic disasters in surrounding countries to the social destruction from the pandemic, things are not looking good. But nothing should be a surprise because it's all prophesied in … Continue reading His Word

Look Up!

Things are moving quickly now as the world heads deeper into sin against God. There's the pandemic, the war in the Middle East, climate disasters, economic chaos—to mention a few, and many people are worried about what's coming next. But as believers, we should not worry because the Bible says these things will happen (Matthew … Continue reading Look Up!

Blessed is the Man Who…

This world is changing and heading towards judgment because the people have separated themselves from God and like it that way. But Jesus loves us, does not change, and is faithful to His word. He fulfilled His promise of salvation so that everyone could know Him, and He will bless us when we accept Him … Continue reading Blessed is the Man Who…

Working Together for Good

When we pray, we must remember that God sees the big picture, not just what we see in our circumstances. We are His children and His wisdom far exceeds ours, so if our answer is different from what we expected, let's praise God because perhaps, the one we sought was not the right one. Jesus … Continue reading Working Together for Good