Still Standing

Nothing is stable in this ever-changing world as it races into a new world of rule. Sadly, many Christians blend with the world, believing God is changing. But God does NOT change! Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever; what He said in the Scriptures is still Truth and fact today! Our hope and … Continue reading Still Standing

A Privilege Called Grace

Many people enjoy being part of a social club. Often, they're accepted by invitation or someone paying for their membership. Each member serves the club by helping each other, and this feeling of privilege keeps the people united and the club successful. It's the same with Christianity. We accept the invitation and receive the membership … Continue reading A Privilege Called Grace

No Joy in Defeat

It's not easy staying positive or joyful amid personal problems or global issues that make us feel defeated. But as Christians, we don't focus on our problems; we look to Jesus, who defeated the problem-maker at the cross. We rejoice anyway because we know God is greater than our problems and has our future in … Continue reading No Joy in Defeat

Character Transformation

Our character begins in the heart and is expressed through our words and actions. As Christians, our hearts changed from worldly to Godly when we accepted Jesus as our Savior, and as we study the Bible to know Him, our hearts and minds are transformed to be like His. Malachi 3:6 says that God does … Continue reading Character Transformation

Real Peace

Real peace does not come from anything this world offers. It's good at giving temporal peace through drugs, alcohol, and physical enjoyment, but our burdens are still there when that peace wears off. Real peace comes ONLY from knowing Jesus as our Savior and Lord! He has overcome the world and has our lives, our … Continue reading Real Peace

Taste and See

Many suffer alone with their problems. The world can't help them, and they don't believe that God, even if He did exist, would help them. Even many Christians who've accepted Jesus as their Savior won't surrender their problems to God because they don't know Him and have no faith in Him. It's only by studying … Continue reading Taste and See

Training the Tongue

Many think becoming Christian means sinful habits will fall away, but that doesn't often happen. Our sins have been forgiven, but the body is used to this corrupt world and has to be retrained—and the tongue is often the greatest challenge. Old cuss words still want to roll out, so we must take control of … Continue reading Training the Tongue

The Joy of Success

Our greatest successes come when our hearts are in what we do. As Christians, we serve the Lord with our hearts, minds, and souls because we love Him. It's not a chore, and it's not limited to Sunday church worship. It's a daily, hourly, minute-by-minute state of heart that inspires us to do all we … Continue reading The Joy of Success

Today is For You and Me

God made today for you and me. We woke up this morning despite the world's chaos and personal problems. Some will think it's to enjoy their best life now, and others will be glad to have another day to live. But for Christians, it's another opportunity to share Christ's salvation message with the lost, whether … Continue reading Today is For You and Me

It’s Personal

Life is precious! It's eternal, and the onus is on us where we end up (Philippians 2:12). Sadly, false teachers deceive many into thinking their doctrine will get us to Heaven, but Jesus is the ONLY way. We must study the Scriptures to know the Truth because Christianity is personal; it's about accepting Jesus as … Continue reading It’s Personal

Why do We do What We do?

People like to be recognized for their accomplishments, so rewards are offered as incentives. And sadly, many good deeds are done solely for recognition and praise. As Christians, we don't want the world's praise; we answer to God and want to please Him. Everything we do should be according to His will and for His … Continue reading Why do We do What We do?

The Great One

There are only two spiritual entities: good and evil. Good is God, Creator of everything, including the angels. Evil is Satan, a fallen angel who rebelled against the good to destroy it. Satan is NOT God's counterpart; he is NOT God's equal. God is eternal; Satan has a beginning and an end. God is all-powerful; … Continue reading The Great One

Weakness Isn’t an Option

Some problems leave us too weak to fight. The devil wants to destroy us through finances, relationships, employment, health issues, and even family, and we canNOT fight him on our own merits. BUT, as Christians, we know Jesus already defeated that devil at the cross, and HE will fight our battles for us through His … Continue reading Weakness Isn’t an Option