Stumbling in the Darkness

When the lights go out, we can't see clearly and often stumble because our surroundings are deceiving, not what they appear to be. This is the way it is in this world. It's dark, and, we often stumble because we are deceived. But when we accept Jesus as our Savior, His light penetrates the darkness, … Continue reading Stumbling in the Darkness

A Life of Searching

From the day we are born until the day we die, we are searching! Most of us don't know what we're searching for, so we pour ourselves into careers, family, or hobbies, all with an intense desire to satisfy this inner calling. But we'll never be satisfied until we realize that it's Jesus calling us, … Continue reading A Life of Searching

What Others See in Us

When worldly people look at Christians, they should not see a reflection of themselves. They should see someone who respects their body as God's temple and not as a display of evil, who lives the life they proclaim and is not a hypocrite, who encourages and builds up rather than gossips or tears down, who … Continue reading What Others See in Us

Change is Not Always Good

Our greatest security as Christians is knowing that God does NOT change! We study the Bible and know that if God said it, He meant it, and that's it! But the people of this world want to redefine God so they can justify changing His laws to suit their evil desires—and one day, they WILL … Continue reading Change is Not Always Good

Giving in is NOT an Option

The world is trying to destroy the integrity of those who love the Lord, and it will stop at nothing to succeed. But as Christians, we don't let the world control us nor give in to it REGARDLESS of what things look like. Jesus is OUR Lord, and He's greater than the god of this … Continue reading Giving in is NOT an Option

“Good morning, Lord!”

As Christians, nothing secures our day more than seeking God's guidance when we first wake up. When "we" determine what we'll do and where we'll go, we put ourselves ahead of the Lord. Our first words of the day should be a greeting to the Lord, giving Him praise and thanks for loving us and … Continue reading “Good morning, Lord!”

What Lasts Forever?

Feeling secure nowadays is hard when there's no solid ground to stand on. Job security is unraveling, the cost of living is excelling, education is stifling, and God's laws are being challenged as social rights take priority. Yet, as Christians, when our hope and trust are in Jesus and not the world, we CAN feel … Continue reading What Lasts Forever?

Are You Safe?

The world uses fear through its news and social media resources to control us. As we face changes in laws and mandates, chaotic weather conditions, spreading diseases, and relentless crime, fear makes us weak and willing to surrender to its solutions. But for Christians, we have peace because our hope and trust are in God, … Continue reading Are You Safe?

Social Conflict

Laws and values are changing. Things God called sins are becoming legal rights, and those pushing the new agenda demand our respect and support. But as Christians, we don't support anything contrary to God's laws, and we don't pretend to agree with these changes to avoid social conflict. Our job is to tell people about … Continue reading Social Conflict

The Healing Process

We aren't made perfect when we become Christians. Our sins are forgiven, but the old worldly habits are still in us, and they have to go. It's like being physically ill; once the sickness is gone, the body must go through a healing process, so we take medication, feed on a healthy diet, and do … Continue reading The Healing Process

Rejoicing in the Storms!

Every day, we learn of more global disasters and senseless deaths, and it's getting scary! As Christians, we live in this world, but it no longer lives in us because Jesus redeemed us back to God, and He is now our Lord. Our hope and joy are in Jesus, who's not only prepared a great … Continue reading Rejoicing in the Storms!

A Joyful Heart

Christians are spiritual soldiers who fight a spiritual enemy, and we have one thing in common with the physical soldier. When he's away at battle, he stays strong because he knows there's someone at home who loves him and is waiting for him to return. This joy in his heart keeps him going. As Christians, … Continue reading A Joyful Heart

We Are NOT Alone!

Despite what we're going through in life, if we're Christian, we are not alone! Many of us suffer from pain, fear, and sorrow because we live in this sinful world, but Jesus has overcome the world and prepared a fantastic eternal future for all who believe in Him. And while we're still here, Jesus promised … Continue reading We Are NOT Alone!

Peace in the Battle

A new day and a new week bring hope and possibilities—and at the same time, adversities and challenges, maybe even some rough trials. As Christians, we can rejoice in the good times AND the rough times when we study the Scriptures to know God and strengthen our faith in Jesus! God's Word is true, powerful, … Continue reading Peace in the Battle