Changes Bring Fear

This world's system is changing God's laws into politically and socially correct rules, creating chaos and forcing many to fear the future. But for us who know Jesus, we're at peace and look forward to the future because we know God does NOT change—not His laws, His promises, OR His judgments. We know He's coming … Continue reading Changes Bring Fear

Sharing the Treasure

We all have things dear to our hearts that we defend and even boast about. These "treasures" give us the incentive to live each day with purpose, but they'll eventually wear out if they are earthly. When we make Jesus our treasure, our focus changes from "me" to "God" as He teaches us all Truth … Continue reading Sharing the Treasure

Faith in Who?

Many Christians say they have faith. Yet, they don't study their Bibles to know God and think that "confessing" their faith gives them the power to get things from God. But Christian faith isn't instant when we get saved; it comes by studying the Bible and building a relationship with Jesus. It's knowing who God … Continue reading Faith in Who?

Loving Beyond the Faults

Some feel it's their calling to judge others for their faults. But as Christians, we don't walk in judgment but in humility. Not one of us deserves the salvation we were given because we're ALL sinners saved by grace. And not one of us is perfect, as we all still do things we shouldn't and … Continue reading Loving Beyond the Faults

Love and Fear

Many fear the dark and the future because of the rumors of wars, growing pestilence, and food shortages. Yet, Jesus told us these things would happen as this world heads into destruction. As Christians, we are at peace because we know God's love is greater than anything this world can do, and our hope and … Continue reading Love and Fear

Godly Wisdom

Worldly wisdom will not bring peace, joy, health, or long life; it's temporal, unstable, and changes often. But Godly wisdom is from the Lord and never changes; it's the essence of peace, joy, health, and eternal life! When we accept Jesus as our Savior, His Spirit lives in us and teaches us all Truth through … Continue reading Godly Wisdom

It’s New Year’s Eve

Today, we'll prepare to welcome the New Year and make resolutions for tomorrow. From losing weight to improving finances to gaining material possessions, we'll promise ourselves that we will do it. Still, most of us will fail because we seek carnal things and depend on ourselves to get them. As Christians, our resolution should be … Continue reading It’s New Year’s Eve

Looking Beyond

Despite the chaos and unrest of this fallen world, there's still "good" around us in God's creation. He gives us picturesque seasons of splendor and a breathtaking exhibition of stars that light up the universe. Birds continue to dazzle us with color and character, and cuddly animals bring joy to our hearts. When we look … Continue reading Looking Beyond

I Can Do It!

We're not Christian because we know about God or agree that Jesus is the world's Savior—even the demons believe that. We're Christian because we ACCEPT Jesus as our Lord and Savior, REPENT of our sins, COMMIT our lives and FOLLOW Him, and are FILLED with His Spirit. Then we STUDY the Bible, and His Spirit … Continue reading I Can Do It!

Maybe Today!

The Old Testament is filled with promises of the Savior's birth. Few people, including religious leaders, were prepared to receive Him, but Jesus came anyway. His return is mentioned even more, and Jesus gave us signs to look for that mark the time of His return, and they're ALL happening now. Most religious leaders don't … Continue reading Maybe Today!

Good Tidings of Great Joy!

On the night Jesus was born, the angel didn't appear to the religious leaders or notables to give them the good news; He came to the shepherds. They were considered the lowest people and weren't respected or included in any social events, but they loved God and waited for their Messiah. God doesn't look at … Continue reading Good Tidings of Great Joy!

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas It was the night before Christmas and all through the house every creature was praising, even the mouse. The Bibles were open to the pages with care, which showed us so clearly, Jesus was near. The children were singing and clapping their hands with visions of a baby being born in … Continue reading The Night Before Christmas

A Special Time of Year

There's a special peace that comes at Christmas time. People are friendlier and more open to social graces, and we can more easily speak with family, friends, and neighbors than at any other time. Surrounded by God's peace, we CAN forgive those who have hurt us AND ask for forgiveness from those WE have hurt. … Continue reading A Special Time of Year

Why the Gifts?

Wise men brought gifts to Jesus. They were priests from different lands who knew their Messiah had been born and followed the star on foot to the home of Joseph and Mary. They presented their gifts to the young boy: GOLD because Jesus was a King, FRANKINCENSE because Jesus would become their High Priest, and … Continue reading Why the Gifts?