His Plan Works

Life doesn't always happen as we plan it. Sometimes, God allows circumstances that force us to see the evil in this world and the hope in His salvation. When we become Christians, our values, priorities, and path of life change to fulfill His purpose in our lives. Sometimes, our answers to prayers won't be what … Continue reading His Plan Works

Patience is a Virtue

We live in a world of instant access, high ego, and little patience. Many Christians believe that God should also answer prayers immediately—and their way. But when we answered God's call to salvation, we surrendered to Jesus, our Lord, and must study the Scriptures to know Him, obey His Word, and fulfill that calling. God … Continue reading Patience is a Virtue

Don’t Be Discouraged

Many Christians are discouraged because their prayers aren't answered. But God assures us in 1 Peter 3:12 that He DOES hear and answer the prayers of the righteous, those who know Jesus. His word is true and has never failed, and if God said He'll do something, He WILL do it. We are His children … Continue reading Don’t Be Discouraged

Working Together for Good

One thing about life is that sometimes it presents unexpected surprises, some good and some not so good. But as God's children, we take everything to Him in prayer and rest in Him because, as the Scriptures tell us, our ways are not always God's ways. And when we trust God to take care of … Continue reading Working Together for Good

Working Together for Good

When we pray, we must remember that God sees the big picture, not just what we see in our circumstances. We are His children and His wisdom far exceeds ours, so if our answer is different from what we expected, let's praise God because perhaps, the one we sought was not the right one. Jesus … Continue reading Working Together for Good

Keep Your Eyes on God!

This is the day that God has made! No matter what happens today, we have to remember that God is still in control and that He's working out His plan to bring His children into eternal peace and this sinful world into judgment. People across the globe are focusing their attention on what's going on … Continue reading Keep Your Eyes on God!