The Enemy of Peace and Unity

We are all fighting battles in life and we all run into those people once in a while who are determined to make our life miserable and do us harm. Without realizing it, we allow them to steal our joy because the anger or hatred within us grows to the point that we see them … Continue reading The Enemy of Peace and Unity

How Attitude Gives Away Secrets We Didn’t Know We Had

There are times in life when we deliberately fake our feelings and we are able to control our facial expressions and our words because we don’t want our true feelings to be known. It’s a test of discipline and when we succeed we’re happy because we managed to hide our true feelings, which is what … Continue reading How Attitude Gives Away Secrets We Didn’t Know We Had

When the Darts Come

It’s not always a peaceful walk when live the Christian life because there are times when the devil uses people to bring us unexpected trials and sorrows.  Sometimes the stress we endure isn’t even from the evil darts; sometimes the greater hurt comes from the people who throw them. Most of us just accept that … Continue reading When the Darts Come

When Love Hurts Us

Sometimes in life someone we really love and trust will do something so offensive or hurtful to us that it feels as if a brick had been smacked into our head. We didn't see it coming; we can't understand why it happened, but it did. The impact left us with a huge hole in our … Continue reading When Love Hurts Us