When Confusion Sets In

Life is changing for all of us, and the more we try to figure things out, the more confused we get. There's no stability in our old securities because the ruler of this world is pushing hard to destroy us all before Jesus returns. As Christians, we pray for God's help but often don't get … Continue reading When Confusion Sets In

Giving in is NOT an Option

The world is trying to destroy the integrity of those who love the Lord, and it will stop at nothing to succeed. But as Christians, we don't let the world control us nor give in to it REGARDLESS of what things look like. Jesus is OUR Lord, and He's greater than the god of this … Continue reading Giving in is NOT an Option

What Lasts Forever?

Feeling secure nowadays is hard when there's no solid ground to stand on. Job security is unraveling, the cost of living is excelling, education is stifling, and God's laws are being challenged as social rights take priority. Yet, as Christians, when our hope and trust are in Jesus and not the world, we CAN feel … Continue reading What Lasts Forever?

Are You Safe?

The world uses fear through its news and social media resources to control us. As we face changes in laws and mandates, chaotic weather conditions, spreading diseases, and relentless crime, fear makes us weak and willing to surrender to its solutions. But for Christians, we have peace because our hope and trust are in God, … Continue reading Are You Safe?

Living in Distrust and Fear

It's hard to trust people anymore. So many would prefer to adhere to the world's new-age laws that oppose God's laws rather than follow Godly principles with integrity. And many people (even Christians) live in distrust and fear because of it. But, as Christians, we can live in peace when we study the Scriptures to … Continue reading Living in Distrust and Fear

Trust in the Lord

Real Christians are different from the rest of the people because they have faith in God. This doesn't happen just because we wear the label, though. Faith happens when we study the Scriptures to know God and spend time in prayer and worship with Him to develop a relationship with Jesus. Then, we walk by … Continue reading Trust in the Lord

Learning to Trust God

We all know that we need to "cast our cares upon the Lord" but often, praying about something is the easiest part; it's learning to leave our problems with Him that takes discipline. We need to be patient and humble, and trust God to be faithful in His promise to take care of us. God's … Continue reading Learning to Trust God