Countdown: Day 2

IT IS FINISHED! Judas had walked with Jesus, knew He was no ordinary man, but for the love of money, sold Him to the Pharisees to be killed. When he realized he'd betrayed an innocent man, Judas returned the money and then hung himself. Pilate saw that he couldn't win over the angry crowd, so … Continue reading Countdown: Day 2

Rejoicing in the Storms!

Every day, we learn of more global disasters and senseless deaths, and it's getting scary! As Christians, we live in this world, but it no longer lives in us because Jesus redeemed us back to God, and He is now our Lord. Our hope and joy are in Jesus, who's not only prepared a great … Continue reading Rejoicing in the Storms!

The Great Reward

Many people have no idea how much they need Jesus now and what they'll face without His salvation later! This sinful world is about to enter the Great Tribulation—God's judgment against sin. Jesus came to earth and made way for us to be freed from sin and spared from His wrath, and He's been merciful … Continue reading The Great Reward

The Gift

Although Jesus died on the cross to take everyone's sins away, we are not automatically saved from its curse. Salvation is a gift that must be received personally. When we share the gospel with someone, God gives that person just enough faith to believe the truth and accept it—some accept it, and some don't. But … Continue reading The Gift

There’s Always a Reason

Regardless of what's going on around us in this sinful world or of what struggles we're going through in our personal lives, there's always a reason to praise God. Our salvation alone is worth an eternity of praises! God watches over each of us every day and blesses us with everything we need to live. … Continue reading There’s Always a Reason

The Blessing of Challenges

Sometimes God allows challenges in our lives so that He can deliver us from them and show His power and authority to those around us who don't believe in Him. God is loving and merciful and wants the ones we love and pray for every day to receive His salvation. We may suffer a little … Continue reading The Blessing of Challenges

His Word

As we look around, it's evident that the world is going through some terrible situations. From the war against Israel in the Middle East to the horrific climatic disasters in surrounding countries to the social destruction from the pandemic, things are not looking good. But nothing should be a surprise because it's all prophesied in … Continue reading His Word

Blessed is the Man Who…

This world is changing and heading towards judgment because the people have separated themselves from God and like it that way. But Jesus loves us, does not change, and is faithful to His word. He fulfilled His promise of salvation so that everyone could know Him, and He will bless us when we accept Him … Continue reading Blessed is the Man Who…

Finding Rest in this Busy World!

As we study the Scriptures, God's truth floods our soul and we realize how awesome Jesus is and what He has saved us from. His love and peace become established in our hearts and we are able to face the challenges that come against us because we know that we are not alone, that God … Continue reading Finding Rest in this Busy World!

Don’t be Left Behind!

Many people think the world will be a better place now because of a new leader. But how can that be when his administration despises God and will close churches, promotes the murder of babies, flaunts perversion and immorality, refuses to be a friend of Israel, and supports a one-world government, aka the Great Reset? … Continue reading Don’t be Left Behind!