There’s Always a Reason

Regardless of what's going on around us in this sinful world or of what struggles we're going through in our personal lives, there's always a reason to praise God. Our salvation alone is worth an eternity of praises! God watches over each of us every day and blesses us with everything we need to live. … Continue reading There’s Always a Reason

When Curses are a Blessing

Most people don't want to hear about Jesus and His salvation and get upset, even angry, when we tell them that some things they are doing are sins against God. They resent us and accuse us of using "hate speech" because the world they love says it's okay. Their attacks make us want to stop, … Continue reading When Curses are a Blessing

The Blessings of the Lord

God loves to bless His children with gifts and they can be material possessions, but these are limited to this world; God wants to make us rich in every area of our life for eternity! We are His children and God wants us to excel in the fruits of His Spirit, and in knowledge and … Continue reading The Blessings of the Lord

Knowing Your Savior

Jesus said that many people will call themselves "Christians" but few will know Him. Deception is drawing people to the concept of Christianity but it's keeping them from knowing God because they come for personal gain, not to know Him. Churches across the globe have different doctrines because the people are NOT one congregation under … Continue reading Knowing Your Savior

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Life is becoming so challenging that it's getting hard at times to rise above the fear. There are political stresses and economic issues all around us, and now we are facing a pandemic virus that could cause more damage than we can imagine. This isn't the time to blame God for what the devil is … Continue reading Happy Saturday, everyone!

The Essence of our Hope

The concept of Christianity is spreading across the globe. While a few of those who hear the message will try to live Godly lives, most of them will never pursue a relationship with Jesus. Others will focus on the blessings and make it their purpose in life to claim them all. The message is changing to … Continue reading The Essence of our Hope

the Crown Before the Cross

Many Christians feel that they are entitled to blessings and rewards from God because they're Christians.  They focus more on what they’ll get from God than on what they'll do for God.  They put the crown before the cross! God does bless us now, and He will give us rewards and crowns one day, but … Continue reading the Crown Before the Cross

Love or Adultery

One of the greatest tools that the devil is using today to destroy people is deceit, and he is confusing the emotions so that we don't recognize the difference between love and adultery. To fulfill their own lusts, the people of the world have given Hollywood the authority to establish a precedent that the "wannabee … Continue reading Love or Adultery

A Sleeping Pill for Christians…

Sometimes life gets so busy, so hectic that the day becomes one long challenge, and before you know it all the days are  blending together into one progressive day as the entire season passes right by you. You lay in bed at night and your mind becomes a rerun of everything you did during the day … Continue reading A Sleeping Pill for Christians…