Peace and Forgiveness

Thirty-five years ago, I suffered one of the worst nightmares of my life: my six-year-old son was viciously attacked by a neighbor's dog that tore his arm to shreds, causing years of emotional trauma and a string of medical procedures. But God was very present in our lives and He brought our son through this … Continue reading Peace and Forgiveness

Find the Still Waters

The world is moving faster every day toward judgment. It seems that we are constantly living in a state of chaos and unrest, and according to the Bible, it isn't going to get any better. More than ever before, we need to spend time alone with God in prayer and in reading the Scriptures because … Continue reading Find the Still Waters

Checking our Attitude

Most of us have been in situations where people have been rude or cold or non-caring, and we've reacted negatively towards them because of their attitude. But perhaps, if we could step back and swallow our pride, we might realize that it's our attitude towards them that needs correcting. The one who has offended us … Continue reading Checking our Attitude

God’s Way

The New Testament is filled with reminders to try and keep the peace as much as possible. In today's controversial world, many people are taking their stand and the peace that's needed to communicate with each other is being replaced with hostility. God's way is always the only way to do anything, so as believers, … Continue reading God’s Way

Have a Joyful Wednesday!

As believers, we have been filled with God's Spirit, and as we study the Scriptures, His Spirit teaches us in all truth and our relationship with God becomes very personal. We are able to survive the worldly crisis around us because we aren't led by fear or doubt; we have faith in God and we … Continue reading Have a Joyful Wednesday!