Don’t be Left Behind!

Many people think the world will be a better place now because of a new leader. But how can that be when his administration despises God and will close churches, promotes the murder of babies, flaunts perversion and immorality, refuses to be a friend of Israel, and supports a one-world government, aka the Great Reset? … Continue reading Don’t be Left Behind!

Keep Your Eyes on God!

This is the day that God has made! No matter what happens today, we have to remember that God is still in control and that He's working out His plan to bring His children into eternal peace and this sinful world into judgment. People across the globe are focusing their attention on what's going on … Continue reading Keep Your Eyes on God!

Our Help in Times of Trouble

As this world spirals towards judgment, our lives are being changed and the things we once cherished are being taken away. Jesus warned us of these dark days, and on our own, we cannot survive the things that are coming, so we need to hide in God and seek His protection. More than ever before, … Continue reading Our Help in Times of Trouble

Where do we find the truth?

There are many conspiracy theories going around, and all of them seem as if they could be right, so who do we believe? Well, since most of them are lies and since the devil is the father of lies, there's only one answer. None of them! If you want to know the truth and be … Continue reading Where do we find the truth?

Impossible to God?

There's so much that we'd like to change in the world, but we can't because we are not in control. But God IS in control! He is Almighty, and He isn't restricted to our timing, ways, or inabilities. There is nothing and no one more powerful OR more loving than our Heavenly Father, and nothing … Continue reading Impossible to God?

Don’t Carry the Burden Alone

It's been a rough week and next week doesn't look much easier, but we can get through it all when we remember that God is still in charge and that He will protect us, His children, through whatever happens. Many of us are burdened and fearful about what lies ahead, but we don't need to … Continue reading Don’t Carry the Burden Alone

Rejoice in His Promise!

Today, many of us feel sad, confused, and even angry over a political situation that played against every one of us. It's not really a surprise as the Bible is filled with prophecies that warn us of the evils and deceptions that would come in these last days. Things aren't going to get any easier … Continue reading Rejoice in His Promise!