No Back Door!

As Christians, we must be careful that we're not deceived by leaders that preach a worldly message about Christ based on their own desires and lifestyles. These are not Christ's shepherds; they are wolves in sheep's clothing who are here to destroy the church by convincing us that sin is not sin and that repentance … Continue reading No Back Door!

The Beauty of Nature

God has made Himself known to us in many ways, and one is through His divine creation of nature. When we look around us, we can see exquisite beauty that defies everything this world's system defends. As we take in the design of natural landscapes, mountains, and diverse waterways, we must realize that it's neither … Continue reading The Beauty of Nature

Beautiful Again!

In the beginning, God created a beautiful world with people who were pure and perfect, and God walked daily in the garden with them. Life was exciting and busy yet peaceful, and everyone was happy. But when sin entered, God's world became corrupt, and the people's hearts turned evil, so they were separated from their … Continue reading Beautiful Again!

Sing and Shout the Victory!

As Christians, we live in this world, but it's not our home—the god of this world no longer has rule over us—but because we live here, we are susceptible to its elements and to the sin and sickness around us. However, Jesus defeated the devil at the cross because He is greater than the lord … Continue reading Sing and Shout the Victory!

David Jeremiah Explains the Rapture!

If you want to know the truth about your future as a Christian, watch this video and get ready because Jesus is coming soon. This is Dr. David Jeremiah explaining the rapture of the church in a simple yet totally biblical way. Watch and be blessed. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this … Continue reading David Jeremiah Explains the Rapture!

The Blessing of Challenges

Sometimes God allows challenges in our lives so that He can deliver us from them and show His power and authority to those around us who don't believe in Him. God is loving and merciful and wants the ones we love and pray for every day to receive His salvation. We may suffer a little … Continue reading The Blessing of Challenges

Our Hope is in the Lord

We are blessed when we study the Scriptures and know that God has never changed. He gave the promise of salvation to Abraham and chose Abraham's grandson Jacob as the lineage through whom the Savior would be born. Through Jacob, whose name God changed to Israel, the nation was born, and God's love, mercy, and … Continue reading Our Hope is in the Lord