Keep the Oil in Our Lamps!

God is a faithful father who guides and instructs us throughout our lives, and He does this through the Scriptures. When we have decisions to make, He has the answers for us so that we won't be deceived by temptation or fall into sin. For example, if we don't know if abortion is wrong, we … Continue reading Keep the Oil in Our Lamps!

Compassion and Mercy

God is full of compassion, merciful, and forgiving. While we were still sinners, Jesus died to pay the punishment for our sins because He loves us that much, and He gives each person every possible opportunity to turn to Jesus and accept Him as Savior. And after we are saved, God continues to pour out … Continue reading Compassion and Mercy

How to Resist Temptation

As Christians, we are forgiven for our sins, but we are not perfect. Satan will continue to put temptation in our path to try and cause us to stumble, but we can protect ourselves from his evil ways. First, we spend time in prayer and worship and study the Scriptures to know God. Then, we'll … Continue reading How to Resist Temptation

God Has Given us This Day

God created this day so we can enjoy His blessings and share His truth with others. The devil, however, wants to steal our faith, kill our joy, and destroy our trust in God through problems, chaos, and even fear. But when we spend time in prayer and worship and read the Scriptures to know God, … Continue reading God Has Given us This Day