Overcoming Loneliness

This corrupt world provokes feelings of loneliness. But when Jesus is our Savior, HE becomes the Mighty One in our midst, and we are not alone. He's a loving and merciful Friend who NEVER leaves us. He comforts us in the sad times, rejoices with us in the good times, leads us with His wisdom … Continue reading Overcoming Loneliness

Who are the Lost?

Why do Christians say non-Christians are lost? It's because God created us, and our hearts are searching for Him in this corrupt world, even if we don't know it. Many think He's in world religions; others follow false doctrines. It's not until we accept Jesus as our Savior that our sins are forgiven and our … Continue reading Who are the Lost?

A Light in the Storm

We make choices in life. We choose to be Christian because we know this corrupt world is heading into destruction, and following Jesus is the only way to Heaven! We study the Bible, and His Light keeps us on the right path and shines brightly for others to see. We are God's children, and we … Continue reading A Light in the Storm

Humility and Shame

Many Christians believe that since Jesus pardoned their sins at the cross, any sins committed after that won't matter because they're going to Heaven anyway. However, these sins WILL humble and shame us when we stand before Jesus, and they WILL keep us from some rewards God has for us. We don't confess to the … Continue reading Humility and Shame

A Satisfied Customer

The best advertising is word-of-mouth! Commercials get our interest, but it's often the personal review of a satisfied customer that convinces us to try it. Likewise, there are many "Christian" doctrines and churches, but it's our personal testimonies that will draw people to the Truth. When they see we are joyful, give God thanks in … Continue reading A Satisfied Customer

Grace is All We Need

Grace is getting something we don't deserve. We accepted Jesus as Savior because God's grace drew us to Him. His grace pardoned our sins, cleansed our hearts, and filled us with His Spirit. We're now part of God's Kingdom where there's no sin or sickness, and though we won't experience the fullness of His grace … Continue reading Grace is All We Need

Being Accountable

False teachers are among us. They change God's Word to appeal to OUR desires, so we'll follow them instead of God! Those who've never committed to Jesus will follow Satan right into hell, and those who know Jesus will stand accountable to God one day for their actions. God does NOT change! His Word does … Continue reading Being Accountable

Living in A Strange Land

As Christians, we're strangers living in a foreign land. We're no longer part of this world's system as Jesus is now our Lord, and our priorities, thoughts, and desires are like His. This isn't our home anymore, but God watches over us, hears and answers our prayers, and guides us with His wisdom and strength. … Continue reading Living in A Strange Land

Forgiven, Not Perfect

Being Christian means our sins are forgiven, but we are not perfect. We live in a sinful world, and though God's Spirit lives in our hearts, sometimes we ignore His instruction and say or do things we regret. God is faithful and forgives us when we repent, but our actions still affect others. This is … Continue reading Forgiven, Not Perfect

We All Need a Friend

Sometimes, we all need a friend who will love, help, and correct us without condemning us because of our problems. Wordly friends love us conditionally and often leave us alone in our greatest time of need. But there is a Friend who will love us despite the situation, help as no other can, and never … Continue reading We All Need a Friend

Don’t Suffer Alone

Many Christians suffer through their problems alone. God is ready to help, but they won't ask Him because they either don't want to "bother" Him or assume He won't help. We must study the Bible to know God and fill up with His knowledge and wisdom. We are His children, and when problems come (big … Continue reading Don’t Suffer Alone

Grounded in Love

Today, any church that talks about God is called Christian. Desires and lifestyles are accepted above God's Truth, causing many to think they're Christians when they're not. To be Christian, we must repent of our sins, give our hearts to Jesus, and study the Bible so we can follow Him. When Christ dwells in our … Continue reading Grounded in Love

Happy Mother’s Day!

Raising children is a noble task for a woman, despite what most believe in this modern world. Motherhood is truly a great and honorable position. It's not easy at times, and we spend years teaching, admonishing, pleading with God, and shedding tears of sorrow. But God is faithful, and when we know and trust Him, … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!

The Toughest Battle

We get stressed when we can't get answers to our problems. As Christians, Jesus told us to give HIM our problems, and He'd take care of them—1 Peter 5:7. When we obey God, we'll have peace, and things around us will fall into place because God is faithful to His Word. Sometimes though, the toughest … Continue reading The Toughest Battle