Who is Jesus Anyway?

Jesus said comeThere have been many books written on the life of Jesus. Some come at us from a theologian point-of-view and are detailed in words we can’t pronounce, causing us to get lost on the first page. Other views are written from a lustful assumption that brings God down to human level in an effort to conceive a formula that provides much earthly gain. Continue reading

Deception: #1 Killer

MishelWe’ve all heard that cancer and heart disease compete as the number one killer amongst Americans, but the truth is that it’s not. There is something even greater that not only violates a person’s physical life, but totally destroys their mind and their soul. It’s powerful; it’s subtle and it’s luring, and few people recognize it as what it is:  the number one killer is deception! Continue reading

Christianity is NOT what you Think

haloMany people today call themselves “Christians”. Mega churches around the globe attract millions of people every week with their hyped music and vain promises of wealth and prosperity. This new move has deleted the need for repentance and replaced it with an inclusive salvation message of the mind. Continue reading

Check Your Mouth at the Door

preach the gospelOne of the most common faults that the people of the world find with Christians is the hypocrisy of their lifestyle. And often it’s the mouth of the “Christian” that ruins their own reputation. For many new believers, they have come to the cross and accepted Christ as their Savior, but they forgot to also check their mouth at the door. Continue reading

Motive Reveals What’s in our Heart

the heartNo matter what we do in life, there is always a reason behind our actions. It may be obvious or it may be hidden, but we do everything with a motive. Two people may do almost the same thing, but their reasons for doing it may be very different. People can get so caught up “doing” good works that they don’t realize the motive behind their actions can reveal what’s in their heart. Continue reading