Finding Rest in this Busy World!

As we study the Scriptures, God's truth floods our soul and we realize how awesome Jesus is and what He has saved us from. His love and peace become established in our hearts and we are able to face the challenges that come against us because we know that we are not alone, that God … Continue reading Finding Rest in this Busy World!

It Begins with us!

In challenging situations, we can get angry, frustrated, and often overwhelmed with fear, and we are not a good testimony of God's love and power to those who don't know Him. But, when we are still and trust God and don't let the world control our emotions, God is glorified through our actions. It begins … Continue reading It Begins with us!

Let’s Celebrate Together!

For believers, this day isn't about bunnies and chocolate; this day is a celebration of the gift that Jesus is to us. He took away our sins through His death at the cross and has given us eternal life with Him through His resurrection from the dead. My Savior lives and if you believe in … Continue reading Let’s Celebrate Together!

Our God Does Wonders

No matter what challenges we face today, let's always remember that God is greater than our problems! He spoke the world into existence and He can speak victory over our lives, as well. We just need to trust Him! If you’re visiting us today and would like to receive notifications for all other inspirational posts, please write … Continue reading Our God Does Wonders