Are You Safe?

The world uses fear through its news and social media resources to control us. As we face changes in laws and mandates, chaotic weather conditions, spreading diseases, and relentless crime, fear makes us weak and willing to surrender to its solutions. But for Christians, we have peace because our hope and trust are in God, … Continue reading Are You Safe?

Social Conflict

Laws and values are changing. Things God called sins are becoming legal rights, and those pushing the new agenda demand our respect and support. But as Christians, we don't support anything contrary to God's laws, and we don't pretend to agree with these changes to avoid social conflict. Our job is to tell people about … Continue reading Social Conflict

The Healing Process

We aren't made perfect when we become Christians. Our sins are forgiven, but the old worldly habits are still in us, and they have to go. It's like being physically ill; once the sickness is gone, the body must go through a healing process, so we take medication, feed on a healthy diet, and do … Continue reading The Healing Process

Rejoicing in the Storms!

Every day, we learn of more global disasters and senseless deaths, and it's getting scary! As Christians, we live in this world, but it no longer lives in us because Jesus redeemed us back to God, and He is now our Lord. Our hope and joy are in Jesus, who's not only prepared a great … Continue reading Rejoicing in the Storms!

A Joyful Heart

Christians are spiritual soldiers who fight a spiritual enemy, and we have one thing in common with the physical soldier. When he's away at battle, he stays strong because he knows there's someone at home who loves him and is waiting for him to return. This joy in his heart keeps him going. As Christians, … Continue reading A Joyful Heart

We Are NOT Alone!

Despite what we're going through in life, if we're Christian, we are not alone! Many of us suffer from pain, fear, and sorrow because we live in this sinful world, but Jesus has overcome the world and prepared a fantastic eternal future for all who believe in Him. And while we're still here, Jesus promised … Continue reading We Are NOT Alone!

Peace in the Battle

A new day and a new week bring hope and possibilities—and at the same time, adversities and challenges, maybe even some rough trials. As Christians, we can rejoice in the good times AND the rough times when we study the Scriptures to know God and strengthen our faith in Jesus! God's Word is true, powerful, … Continue reading Peace in the Battle

Peace in the Chaos

The older we get, the more vulnerable we feel in this chaotic world. Reverence for God and His laws, respect for each other, family values, and the value of life are disappearing as we enter a new age of social equality, legal immorality, and injustice to the innocent. Yet, as Christians, we can still have … Continue reading Peace in the Chaos

Fear or Peace

More than ever, the threat of devastating viruses, hazardous weather conditions, and questionable laws overwhelms many with fear. But as Christians, we shouldn't be afraid. We know that God is greater than anything this world can throw at us because Jesus DEFEATED the ruler of this world on the cross. We should read our Bibles … Continue reading Fear or Peace

The Words We Speak

Christians often feel pressured to do what's right in this sinful world. This is why it's so important that the first thing we do each morning is to give God thanks and praise for the day and then ask for His wisdom, guidance, and compassion so that everything we say, do, and think is acceptable … Continue reading The Words We Speak

He’s Merciful and Understanding

People who don't read the Bible to know its truth often picture God as harsh, demanding, and unforgiving. But God is gracious, slow to anger, and very forgiving, and He doesn't want anyone to die without receiving His salvation. And when we're saved, we don't need to hide in fear when we do things we … Continue reading He’s Merciful and Understanding

Rejoice Always!

As Christians living in this sinful world, we'll have troubles just as Jesus warned us. Yet, we can still rejoice despite our problems because we know that Jesus will bring us through them all. And when we focus on what God has prepared for us—an eternity in a perfect world with Him—we rejoice all the … Continue reading Rejoice Always!

The Hurtful Critic

As Christians, we come from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and social statuses, and though we're on the same path, we're at different stages along the way. We don't know what many of our brothers and sisters are going through, if they're new or struggling believers or on a specific mission for God, and it's wrong to … Continue reading The Hurtful Critic

Feeding the Hungry

The Bible is the world's longest-running book in print. Although many mock it and others modify its contents to justify their sin, the Holy Bible remains as powerful and trustworthy as ever because these are God's words—and God NEVER changes! The Bible is the fulfillment of Truth; the Word of God (Jesus) became flesh to … Continue reading Feeding the Hungry

Who Shall Save Me?

We have professionals for everything, yet, even after great expense, we're often left with no answers. As Christians, we should go to Jesus first! He's the One who overcame all the works of the devil at the cross, whose power and authority are above all others. Jesus is our Lord, Savior, Counselor, Healer, Mediator, AND … Continue reading Who Shall Save Me?

Our Strength and Power

It's so easy to get lost in the crowd these days. With the benchmark of God's authority being removed and everything around us collapsing, it's a struggle even for Christians to stay on the right path. BUT when we surrender EVERYTHING to Jesus and STUDY the Scriptures to know Him and develop a relationship with … Continue reading Our Strength and Power

Why Our Faith Doesn’t Work

We often hear Christians say, "Have faith." But faith in who? In what? Many brag about their faith, quote selected Scriptures, and repeat the same prayer—but nothing happens. Initially, God gave us the faith to believe that He is God and to realize that we are sinners and need to accept Jesus as our Savior, … Continue reading Why Our Faith Doesn’t Work