Check Your Mouth at the Door

preach the gospelOne of the most common faults that the people of the world find with Christians is the hypocrisy of their lifestyle. And often it’s the mouth of the “Christian” that ruins their own reputation. For many new believers, they have come to the cross and accepted Christ as their Savior, but they forgot to also check their mouth at the door. Continue reading

Motive Reveals What’s in our Heart

the heartNo matter what we do in life, there is always a reason behind our actions. It may be obvious or it may be hidden, but we do everything with a motive. Two people may do almost the same thing, but their reasons for doing it may be very different. People can get so caught up “doing” good works that they don’t realize the motive behind their actions can reveal what’s in their heart. Continue reading

Old-Fashioned and Forgotten

Dusty Bible1Majority of today’s society considers antique furniture to be old-fashioned, too detailed and subjective to a dated lifestyle. And so it has been changed in design to suit today’s pace, needs and desires. So it is with the Holy Bible; it has become old- fashioned and forgotten because it doesn’t fit into today’s lifestyle. Continue reading

Praise God in the Bad Times

Praise God Anyway1It’s easy for most Christians to praise God when things are going great, when the blessings are pouring in and everyone gets sick but “me”. It’s easy to say how great life is when we have a good job, a desirable home and an affordable new car. Most of us would agree that to “Praise the Lord” in these times is easy to do. But what about the times when things aren’t so good Continue reading