Christianity is not about trying to be good, struggling to follow the rules, and lamenting over things we can no longer enjoy. Instead, it's a transformation of the heart! It's realizing who Jesus is, accepting that we are sinners who NEED His forgiveness to escape His coming judgment, and turning away from the world's sins … Continue reading Transformers

Falling Apart

We're all searching to know why the world is falling apart socially, politically, and morally. Many agree with universal science, while others live in defeat, waiting for a new world. Few learn the truth because the truth is found in the Bible, and even many Christians don't spend the time to read it. But we … Continue reading Falling Apart

Our Motive For Giving

Some Christians give gifts solely to be blessed by God, as taught in many modern churches. It's not done from the heart but for the greed of getting something in return. But giving isn't an investment for OUR gain: it's to help others for THEIR benefit. We do NOT give anything to earn blessings from … Continue reading Our Motive For Giving

Joy is Not Conditional

Joy is not conditional on emotions. It's God's peace and hope in our hearts despite our problems. God is greater than the one afflicting us, and Jesus proved that when He defeated Satan at the cross! When we put our faith in God, and study His Word to know Him, our hearts can't help but … Continue reading Joy is Not Conditional

Happy 316 Day!

Today is March 16—3:16. And one of the most pwerful verses in the Bible is John 3:16. So today, we have another reason to celebrate, another reason to share the message ! If you’re not following us yet, please click the BLUE follow button or add your EMAIL ADDRESS in the space provided so that every … Continue reading Happy 316 Day!

Searching for Truth

Many people are searching for the value of life. They try religions, drugs, immorality, and even atheism to find what's missing in their hearts—and what's missing is God! He created us in perfection, but we drifted from Him through sin, and only Jesus can bring us back. This world is lost, and when we get … Continue reading Searching for Truth

Don’t Argue with the Wise

I was recently humbled when I debated a point with a wise man and was proved to be wrong. I researched the Scriptures and was further humbled before God because I knew these Scriptures, and yet, didn't make the connection between them until I was corrected. As brothers and sisters in the Lord, we must … Continue reading Don’t Argue with the Wise


This world is changing; people are self-indulged, impatient, and short on love and forgiveness. We don't know who to trust anymore. But God—He never changes! His love never ceases, and His mercies are new every morning. His Words are true, and what He said in the Bible still stands today. Judgment is coming, and God … Continue reading Change

Thankful for Our Problems?

Why thank God for our problems? Because we know God is GREATER than the god of this world, and nothing can come against us unless God allows it. And if He allows it, He'll bring us through it. Some things happen because God is teaching us something; others result from living in a corrupt world. … Continue reading Thankful for Our Problems?

You Can’t Buy Faith

To all Christians who think they can buy God's blessings, have faith dumped on them, or instantly gain wisdom and riches, you can't! You can't buy, earn, or assume His blessings because they are given by God to those who love and follow Him and put their faith and trust in Him. And you can … Continue reading You Can’t Buy Faith

Being Grateful

Finding a positive direction is difficult when we focus only on the negative around us. As Christians, we have more to thank God for than we'll ever know until we reach Heaven because now, we only see with our visible eyes. It's then that we'll fully grasp how brutal and barbaric Jesus' torture was when … Continue reading Being Grateful

Doing the Impossible

Some situations are impossible for us to fix or change. When loved ones are caught up in the evils of this world, they are destroyed, and there's nothing we can do about it. But God! Nothing is impossible to God, and when we pray fervently according to His will, He hears and answers us. God … Continue reading Doing the Impossible

What is Your Heart’s Desire?

What is your heart's desire—your career, material possessions, social status? As Christians, it's knowing God and doing His will. He may still give us all these things, but our focus is getting His salvation message out to the lost. We love the Lord and praise Him for being our Savior, and He hears and answers … Continue reading What is Your Heart’s Desire?

Prepare for Battle

Many fight daily with health issues, finances, identity, or personal relationships. We think that as Christians we shouldn't have these problems, but Jesus said in John 16:33 that we WOULD have problems, and we're told in Ephesians 6:10-17 to put on the whole armor of God to fight them. Our armor is the Word of … Continue reading Prepare for Battle