The Virtue of Patience

Impatience can turn us into our own worst enemies. Traffic rush hour is a good example. Some people can't sit and wait patiently for things to get moving; they have to push forward and create a bigger disaster. We can be like this with our prayers, too. We expect God to answer immediately; when He … Continue reading The Virtue of Patience

The Worst Four-Letter Word

The worst four-letter word for Christians is "can't." As we study the Bible to know God and who we are in Him, we realize that we CAN do anything according to His will. When we face adverse situations, we need to stop and remember that He IS God and praise Him for His love and … Continue reading The Worst Four-Letter Word

The Blessing of Challenges

Sometimes God allows challenges in our lives so that He can deliver us from them and show His power and authority to those around us who don't believe in Him. God is loving and merciful and wants the ones we love and pray for every day to receive His salvation. We may suffer a little … Continue reading The Blessing of Challenges

Sometimes we Need to be Still

There are times when we pray about certain situations and put our faith and hope in God, but things don't improve; in fact, they appear worse. This is when we need to stop looking at the situation and focus on God. He is our Creator, our Lord, our soon coming King. He is the One … Continue reading Sometimes we Need to be Still

Happy Tuesday!

The world is changing, and today it is fast-paced and programmed to give us instant results. Because of this change, modern-day demands are causing us to become anxious and intolerant towards others, and we are losing the ability to live in peace with each other. But God has not changed and He waits for us … Continue reading Happy Tuesday!