Who are the Lost?

Why do Christians say non-Christians are lost? It's because God created us, and our hearts are searching for Him in this corrupt world, even if we don't know it. Many think He's in world religions; others follow false doctrines. It's not until we accept Jesus as our Savior that our sins are forgiven and our … Continue reading Who are the Lost?

Two Paths

Two paths lead to God when we leave this world—but only ONE gets us into Heaven. We will all stand before Christ, either as believers whose sins are washed away through the salvation of Jesus or as sinners to face eternal judgment. God loves us—John 3:16—and doesn't want anyone to perish, but Heaven is pure … Continue reading Two Paths

Get the Facts

College students can use only documented facts and quotes to prove their viewpoints in a thesis. As Christians, our only resource is the Bible, God's Word of documented facts and quotes. We need to know the Truth, so we won't be deceived by the opinions and deceptions of modern-day Christianity. They will NOT get us … Continue reading Get the Facts

It’s Not Business as Usual

When the angel told the shepherds that their Savior had been born, they rejoiced and then went to the barn and saw Jesus lying in the manger. They worshiped the baby because they knew that He was God's Son, their Messiah, who would save them from their sins and rule over them as King. And … Continue reading It’s Not Business as Usual

Jesus is the ONLY Way to God

Sin separates us from God because God is Holy. He doesn't love us any less; we just can't come into His presence—and that includes going to Heaven when we die. So God became flesh and lived among us and then died on the cross to take those sins away from us and rose again to … Continue reading Jesus is the ONLY Way to God

Don’t Close Your Eyes!

I have posted inspirational articles on this site for a few years now and my purpose is to inspire you and encourage you to have a closer walk with Jesus. I can’t emphasize enough the need for people to repent of their sins and receive Jesus as their Savior. There is an urgency today that … Continue reading Don’t Close Your Eyes!

Our Soul Cries Out

This world is dark because sin has separated people from God. Many prefer the life of sin, don't want to know God, and are even offended by the name of Jesus. Some cling to anti-Christ religions; others choose to follow false doctrines; many more prefer to make science their god, while multitudes claim to be atheists so they … Continue reading Our Soul Cries Out

When we Glorify Death More Than Life

I read this very recent article by Franklin Graham and the urgency of the message has jumped out at me, so I am sharing it with you.  Hollywood is getting rich from creating movies and television shows that glorify death. It turns death into entertainment that excites people and literally pulls them away from God. It’s … Continue reading When we Glorify Death More Than Life