Peace and Joy

As Christians, we need to be like little children. They don't let hardships steal their joy; they stay hopeful and trust their parents to make everything right. Our Heavenly Father loves us, and we must keep our hope in Him, especially during trying times. But to get that hope, we must study the Scriptures to … Continue reading Peace and Joy

Give Them Hope

We live in the time the prophets foretold when the majority of the world would rebuke God's presence and follow the global agenda of one-world order. Yet, there are still many people looking for answers and for some kind of hope through it all—and as Christians, we are here to give them that hope. We … Continue reading Give Them Hope

Be an Inspiration!

When we study the Scriptures to know God and spend time in prayer and worship, we can rejoice despite what's going on around us because we know that Jesus, our Lord, is greater than the god of this world. When our mouths are filled with praises for God instead of curses for the circumstances, the … Continue reading Be an Inspiration!

Our Hope is in the Lord

We are blessed when we study the Scriptures and know that God has never changed. He gave the promise of salvation to Abraham and chose Abraham's grandson Jacob as the lineage through whom the Savior would be born. Through Jacob, whose name God changed to Israel, the nation was born, and God's love, mercy, and … Continue reading Our Hope is in the Lord

What are we Waiting For?

Sometimes, we have to be honest with ourselves and accept that the way we are doing something isn't bringing the answer we need, and that we have to turn to Jesus, give Him the problem, and realize that HE is the answer! When our hope is in the world, we will always be anxious and … Continue reading What are we Waiting For?

Sometimes we Need to be Still

There are times when we pray about certain situations and put our faith and hope in God, but things don't improve; in fact, they appear worse. This is when we need to stop looking at the situation and focus on God. He is our Creator, our Lord, our soon coming King. He is the One … Continue reading Sometimes we Need to be Still

Rejoice in His Promise!

Today, many of us feel sad, confused, and even angry over a political situation that played against every one of us. It's not really a surprise as the Bible is filled with prophecies that warn us of the evils and deceptions that would come in these last days. Things aren't going to get any easier … Continue reading Rejoice in His Promise!

Wait Upon the Lord

It's a new day, yet some of us are beginning it with a heavy heart. Some of us have been knocked down by unexpected circumstances and we feel defeated and helpless. And if we keep the burden to ourselves, we WILL be defeated because we ARE helpless. We are weak because we are fighting a … Continue reading Wait Upon the Lord

For Those Who Love God

Sometimes our lives can be hit with hardships and difficult situations that take everything we have to survive, but we trust God to get us through and press on anyway. Now with this virus, we wonder how many of the freedoms we'll lose that we've come to enjoy and if our lives will be as … Continue reading For Those Who Love God

Thankful Thursday!

COVID-9 has infected hundreds of thousands of people across the globe and has killed many thousands in a painful and horrific way. It can be difficult to give thanks to God when life is overwhelmed with fear. Those who don't know God will curse Him, either because He allowed this or won't stop it, and … Continue reading Thankful Thursday!

Monday’s Hope

Often, the problems that surround us are overwhelming to us, but they are nothing to God. We pray about them and then expect the answer immediately, whereas, God sees the big picture and has everything in His control, and He will do things within His timing. We have to learn to trust Him, and while … Continue reading Monday’s Hope

Why Rejoice in Bad Times?

When we go through struggles and bad times in life, we are anything but joyful.  Many of us become overwhelmed with stress and hardship when we endure those unbearable trials. Yet, Apostle Paul says that he rejoices in tribulation, and we are supposed to follow His teaching because he taught the truth. So does this … Continue reading Why Rejoice in Bad Times?

What is Your Hope?

Without hope, we'd have no motivation to do anything. No purpose. No intention. No expectant results. Life within us would become a mere act of survival with no cares or implications for the next moment. We need hope. It's powerful and it's literally the driving force behind our actions, and it comes in many sizes … Continue reading What is Your Hope?

When Hope and Faith Come Together

As Christians, we are taught that when trials come against us we should pray to God and hope that He’ll take care of things for us. And while taking our problems to God is the right thing to do, we won’t see God’s hand in our situation until we see hope and faith come together. Hope alone … Continue reading When Hope and Faith Come Together

Jesus Loves Me

We have sung the age-old song, “Jesus Loves Me”, countless times. Yet, how many of us really know and understand in our heart the reality of the words so that we can say without a doubt, Jesus Loves Me? His love for us is endless and totally unconditional. Jesus died on the cross and took away … Continue reading Jesus Loves Me