Jesus Saves

Many people are suffering from physical, mental or emotional stress and they are ready to give up. Their only hope for help was in the world and it has let them down. And that's because the world cannot help when it is the reason for the problems. But as Christians, our hope should be in … Continue reading Jesus Saves


When Hope and Faith Come Together

As Christians, we are taught that when trials come against us we should pray to God and hope that He’ll take care of things for us. And while taking our problems to God is the right thing to do, we won’t see God’s hand in our situation until we see hope and faith come together. Hope alone … Continue reading When Hope and Faith Come Together

Jesus Loves Me

We have sung the age-old song, “Jesus Loves Me”, countless times. Yet, how many of us really know and understand in our heart the reality of the words so that we can say without a doubt, Jesus Loves Me? His love for us is endless and totally unconditional. Jesus died on the cross and took away … Continue reading Jesus Loves Me

Don’t show me the money….

There's more to work than earning money! It's reasonable to say that most people work to earn a living, but there are many people within our own communities who are committed to perform specific duties at a job and yet don't get paid.  Why? Because their passion to see something accomplished to help someone is … Continue reading Don’t show me the money….