Falling Apart

We're all searching to know why the world is falling apart socially, politically, and morally. Many agree with universal science, while others live in defeat, waiting for a new world. Few learn the truth because the truth is found in the Bible, and even many Christians don't spend the time to read it. But we … Continue reading Falling Apart

Get the Facts

College students can use only documented facts and quotes to prove their viewpoints in a thesis. As Christians, our only resource is the Bible, God's Word of documented facts and quotes. We need to know the Truth, so we won't be deceived by the opinions and deceptions of modern-day Christianity. They will NOT get us … Continue reading Get the Facts

A Lesson from David

King David suffered many hardships in his lifetime, especially during his early years as a fugitive when he grew tired and almost gave up. But he didn't because David knew that God was greater than anything that could come against him! He hid in those caves and cried out to God because he knew that … Continue reading A Lesson from David

Where do we Find Truth?

There are times when we feel confused and even contentious in this sinful and deceiving world, and to make things worse, we're bombarded with diverse churches that all claim to follow Jesus, yet few of them know Him. As Christians, we don't need to fear or be deceived because Jesus promised that He'd never leave … Continue reading Where do we Find Truth?

Wine or Vinegar?

God’s love is displayed in everything He does. Sometimes He has to discipline us, and sometimes He has to allow things to happen to get our attention, but He does them because He loves us. And we need to show people that God loves them, not by criticizing and finding faults with others, but by … Continue reading Wine or Vinegar?

A Fearful Heart

The Bible tells us in Psalms 111:10 and in Proverbs 9:10 that "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom". Many people who do not understand Scripture—and this includes non-Christians AND Christians—think that we must be afraid of God and do what He says or die! Others are afraid of people and live in fear of … Continue reading A Fearful Heart

Religion – who needs it!

There are so many variations of religion that come in the guise of Christianity and many people are wondering if any of it is true or if the whole thing is just another demanding organization to keep people under control. Sadly, religion is a man-made doctrine taken from Biblical principals that inputes control onto a submissive congregation.  … Continue reading Religion – who needs it!