Meekness is not Weakness

Moses was the most humble man recorded in the Bible. He was a highly educated and sage warrior who carried out authority and power over the nation of Egypt, yet, he walked away from it all to follow God. He was then considered weak and foolish until the Egyptians, AND the Hebrews saw the power … Continue reading Meekness is not Weakness

The Calm and Peace of White

We have been given another day to live in this world despite what's happening around us. For some of us, today has come with calm and graceful flakes of white snow, and it reminds us of the pureness of Jesus and how much He loves us. We see how the white comes down and covers … Continue reading The Calm and Peace of White

Pray for Each Other

As Christians, God has given us two main jobs to fulfill while we're on this earth. Firstly, we are Christ's ambassadors, and we must share the gospel of Christ with those who don't know Him and show them His love as we pray for their salvation. Secondly, we are brothers and sisters in the Lord, … Continue reading Pray for Each Other

Beautiful Again!

In the beginning, God created a beautiful world with people who were pure and perfect, and God walked daily in the garden with them. Life was exciting and busy yet peaceful, and everyone was happy. But when sin entered, God's world became corrupt, and the people's hearts turned evil, so they were separated from their … Continue reading Beautiful Again!

Finding Rest in this Busy World!

As we study the Scriptures, God's truth floods our soul and we realize how awesome Jesus is and what He has saved us from. His love and peace become established in our hearts and we are able to face the challenges that come against us because we know that we are not alone, that God … Continue reading Finding Rest in this Busy World!

Peace and Good Will

The Christmas season is the time when we focus on the birth of Jesus and praise God for our salvation. However, some people question the idea that Jesus came to bring peace into the world, but He did. Jesus warned us in John 16:33 that as the world spirals deeper into sin and nears the … Continue reading Peace and Good Will

Grace and Peace

There is nothing that removes fear and stress from us more than peace, and this is the peace that only Jesus can give us. It is so comforting that it's beyond words and defies our circumstances. But this is not something we can earn or that comes by surprise. Peace comes through studying the Scriptures, … Continue reading Grace and Peace

God’s Love Never Changes

The world around us is becoming a very shakey environment as turbulence and unrest become the new norm. But we don't belong to this world as Jesus has redeemed us out of it and back to God, and so our peace comes from Him. Let's always remember that God's love for us never changes and … Continue reading God’s Love Never Changes

Seek God’s Peace

There is nothing more discouraging to our souls than to listen to the people of the world when trouble strikes. The rumors of an even more damaging plague coming are beginning to surface and the fear it'll bring will be worse than the first time around. We need to keep our eyes in the Scriptures, … Continue reading Seek God’s Peace

Jesus Gives us Peace

The media seems to be controlling the emotions and hopes of so many people, bringing fear and unrest into their lives. But as children of God, we canNOT listen to its negative statements. Fear controls the masses because their hope is in this dying world, but our hope is in Jesus. He pours His peace … Continue reading Jesus Gives us Peace