Don’t Give Up!

Many of us are surrounded by chaos, attacked by political changes, affected by a global pandemic, denied social freedoms, and restricted to worship in church gatherings. Yet, when Jesus truly is our Lord and Savior, we can rise above the challenges because His love and strength grow strong in us when we study the Scriptures … Continue reading Don’t Give Up!

God Speaks Through the Scriptures!

God tells us often to call upon His name, to come to Him with our problems, to cast our cares upon Him, and to ask anything in prayer and believe that He hears us and answers us. In fact, God instructs us in every way how to live a life that is pleasing to Him; … Continue reading God Speaks Through the Scriptures!

Be a Light in the Darkness

It can be easy at times to get caught up in the negative attitude of the world. When the unexpected happens that seems out of control, fear sets in and can steal the joy from us, leaving us in a state of defeat and hopelessness. But as God's children, we should never be more fixed … Continue reading Be a Light in the Darkness

Happy Wednesday!

There has never been so much instability in life as there is today because the things around us are continually changing. People have modified the laws to meet modern-day demands, morality is declining, governments are corrupt, the weather is out of control and disease is running rampage. Fear is growing and many people are caught … Continue reading Happy Wednesday!

Letting Ignorance Rule

  Modern-day “Christianity” says there are several ways to get to Heaven and that we must each find which one is best for us. Universal religion says that we are all automatically saved so we can just live in sin and enjoy life. However, the Bible says there is only ONE way to get to … Continue reading Letting Ignorance Rule

Don’t Wait for the Movie

Have you ever told someone about a great book you just read and they responded that they’ll wait for the movie to come out? Many people prefer movies over books because movies entertain the brain; books make it think. Besides that, what can take weeks to read can be portrayed in two hours in a movie. There … Continue reading Don’t Wait for the Movie

Why Put on the Armor of God?

Some Christians think that they get filled with the Word of God so they can have the power to yell and scream at the devil and win battles with him. Others feel that it's so they can go forth and speak to everything in their path because they have the authority of God to do … Continue reading Why Put on the Armor of God?

What Good is the Bible?

Often when Christians try to convert non-believers, they quote verses of Scripture hoping to prove that God is real and alive today. But sadly, to someone who doesn't know God and who has never read the Bible and who attributes the sorrows and tribulations of this world to an uncaring Creator, the Bible has no value. So what good … Continue reading What Good is the Bible?