A Fresh Vision

We are creatures of habit who easily adapt to convenient routines to suit our lifestyle. For many of us, going to church on Sunday and saying grace before we eat is the extent of our Christian walk. Others  recite daily prayers and repeat scheduled Bible verses. But it's time for Christians to see beyond their … Continue reading A Fresh Vision

How to Share Faith

Many Christians - new ones especially - believe that they have to tell the whole world about their faith, and they feel compelled to speak out and broadcast what they're believing God for. But one of the things Christians neglect to learn is how to share faith. Faith begins with a seed that God gives us … Continue reading How to Share Faith

Faith and Forgiveness

Faith and forgiveness are two fruits of the Spirit that enable us to seek God and receive His blessings. We need to forgive those who have offended us no matter what they’ve done. The Bible tells us to forgive each other, to lift up each other and to exalt each other. But when someone has … Continue reading Faith and Forgiveness