Falling Apart

We're all searching to know why the world is falling apart socially, politically, and morally. Many agree with universal science, while others live in defeat, waiting for a new world. Few learn the truth because the truth is found in the Bible, and even many Christians don't spend the time to read it. But we … Continue reading Falling Apart

In Times of Diversity

The Bible is God's instruction manual for believers! It's filled with His promises to take care of us when we seek His wisdom, knowledge, and instructions daily. We're told in 2 Timothy 2:15 to study the Scriptures. This isn't a suggestion—this is a command! It's only by studying and getting God's truth into our minds … Continue reading In Times of Diversity

Stay Confident

We face new challenges and stresses every day, even though we're Christians, simply because we live in this sinful world. Yet, we can have confidence for a productive and joyful day when we begin each new morning with prayer and thanksgiving and study the Scriptures daily for His truth and wisdom. When we ask God … Continue reading Stay Confident

Motive is Everything

Many people become "Christians" for personal gain to "live their best life now." But this isn't a time for prosperity because God is getting ready to pour out His wrath upon this evil world. We become Christians because we realize that we are one of the sinners whom God will punish and that Jesus IS … Continue reading Motive is Everything

Be a Walking Testimony

Many of us can't see the goodness of God today because we are focusing on the negative situations around us that bring on hopelessness and fear. However, as God's children, our hope is not in people or in this world but rather, it's in Jesus who is the Lord and soon coming King! God's glory … Continue reading Be a Walking Testimony

A Fresh Vision

We are creatures of habit who easily adapt to convenient routines to suit our lifestyle. For many of us, going to church on Sunday and saying grace before we eat is the extent of our Christian walk. Others  recite daily prayers and repeat scheduled Bible verses. But it's time for Christians to see beyond their … Continue reading A Fresh Vision

How to Share Faith

Many Christians - new ones especially - believe that they have to tell the whole world about their faith, and they feel compelled to speak out and broadcast what they're believing God for. But one of the things Christians neglect to learn is how to share faith. Faith begins with a seed that God gives us … Continue reading How to Share Faith

Faith and Forgiveness

Faith and forgiveness are two fruits of the Spirit that enable us to seek God and receive His blessings. We need to forgive those who have offended us no matter what they’ve done. The Bible tells us to forgive each other, to lift up each other and to exalt each other. But when someone has … Continue reading Faith and Forgiveness