Learning to Trust Him

Sometimes, we'll ask God to help us with something or give us something, and the answer we get is not what we expected. We get angry that God didn't respond to our wishes, or frustrated that He didn't care, or discouraged that He either didn't hear us or chose not to answer. But God DOES … Continue reading Learning to Trust Him

Learning to Trust God

We all know that we need to "cast our cares upon the Lord" but often, praying about something is the easiest part; it's learning to leave our problems with Him that takes discipline. We need to be patient and humble, and trust God to be faithful in His promise to take care of us. God's … Continue reading Learning to Trust God

It’s Monday!

We are being smothered daily by daunting news of  hopelessness as the plagues of disease, economic destruction and climatic change threaten our existence. If we hearken to the news media, we'll lose all hope for living. As believers, our ONLY news report should be the Scriptures because God warns us of all of these storms … Continue reading It’s Monday!

Happy Wednesday!

It's becoming more apparent all the time when we look around that the world we live in is falling apart at the seams. Political issues that will greatly affect our way of life are on the uprise and immorality has become the norm. The coronavirus has many people living in fear because its outcome is … Continue reading Happy Wednesday!

When Our Faith is Tested

Have you ever noticed how some “Christians” seem to continuously struggle throughout life while others just glide through without any issues? Maybe it’s because some have more faith than others. Perhaps it’s because the others fail the tests of faith and so have to repeat the lessons. Regardless, it seems that our prosperity is all dependent … Continue reading When Our Faith is Tested

Do What You Can do First? Wrong!

We've all heard the expression, "Do what you can do and let God do the rest." Some think that as mature people they should try to deal with their issues and then when all else fails, go to God for help. They think God is pleased with them for trying to solve it themselves. But... this whole way of … Continue reading Do What You Can do First? Wrong!

The Anguish of Disability

Many people suffer from disabilities and some don't realize that their hidden anguish keeps them in a state of resentment. They take great offense to remarks or suggestions given to them as they try to cover the pain and embarrassment of needing help. They don't see someone offering their hand as a deed of kindness, but as … Continue reading The Anguish of Disability

Stop! And Wait

Many Christians cry out to Jesus for help or go to other Christians to get advice on how to deal with issues and trials that have come against them. And this is a good thing because the Christian family should always help each other in every way possible. Unfortunately, not all Christians heed to the help … Continue reading Stop! And Wait

What to do When Fear Grips You

Most of us have a built-in instinct to run away from something that’s chasing us. We don’t need to ponder the question over in our mind or get on our knees and ask God what to do. We know what to do. Run! But when something happens that fills us with an overwhelming fear and … Continue reading What to do When Fear Grips You

How to Overcome Fear

Fear is one of the greatest of oppressions that is tormenting Christians and non-Christians across the globe. It’s the cause of many health issues, emotional traumas and mental depressions, and many of us live defeated lives with stifled hopes because of this hidden and destructive sense. It’s time we learned to overcome fear and to … Continue reading How to Overcome Fear

When Faith and Trust Come Together

When we're standing in faith and believing God for something, the one virtue we need is Trust! As we go through life, we develop our relationship with the Lord and we build our faith in Him. But somehow, many of us face that one life and death situation where the world can't give us the victory … Continue reading When Faith and Trust Come Together