What Others See in Us

God is present amid chaos and confusion in this world because He lives in us, the Christians who know Jesus as Lord and Savior. He has called us into His ministry to let His light shine through us in this dark world. Our attitude, works, and the way we present ourselves should always represent God … Continue reading What Others See in Us

Revealing What’s Inside

We usually don't have to ask people if they are Christians because we can know simply by their words and actions, and how they dress. And the same goes for Christians; the world should be able to know if we're followers of Christ by our words and actions and how we dress. When we love … Continue reading Revealing What’s Inside

Be an Inspiration!

When we study the Scriptures to know God and spend time in prayer and worship, we can rejoice despite what's going on around us because we know that Jesus, our Lord, is greater than the god of this world. When our mouths are filled with praises for God instead of curses for the circumstances, the … Continue reading Be an Inspiration!

Let’s Sing our Praises to God!

The world has no idea what it is doing by forbidding Christians to sing praises to our God. It is wrong in every way and God will deal with those who prevent His children from coming to Him in praise and song! Meanwhile, we need to worship Him at home, sing praises so loud that … Continue reading Let’s Sing our Praises to God!

Monday’s Hope

Often, the problems that surround us are overwhelming to us, but they are nothing to God. We pray about them and then expect the answer immediately, whereas, God sees the big picture and has everything in His control, and He will do things within His timing. We have to learn to trust Him, and while … Continue reading Monday’s Hope

Praising God in the Midst of Pain

Some people think that the best way to get the victory over their problems is to yell at the devil, quote Scriptures and command their rights over his. But God tells us to give the problems to Him, and that victory comes when we praise Him in the midst of our pain. Nowhere in the … Continue reading Praising God in the Midst of Pain

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Revised version by Ronnie Dauber ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house Every creature was praising, even the mouse. The Bibles were open to the pages with care And showed us so clearly that Jesus was near. The children were singing and clapping their hands With visions of a baby being born … Continue reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

In His Presence

In this era of new age “Christianity” and false doctrines, many Christians don’t know that their soul craves to be with God. He created our soul and put it into a body. This is why people are always looking for some spiritual connection in life—they are searching for God and don’t even know it. But those … Continue reading In His Presence

Faith and Songs of Praise

As we stand in faith we need to build our strength and sing songs of praise that confess God's Word. When we are standing in faith and believing Him for healing, we should be confessing His words of healing over our bodies. We need to read His Word out loud so we can hear ourselves saying His words. We need to do … Continue reading Faith and Songs of Praise