Don’t Be Afraid—Be Strong!

Billy Graham was noted as saying, "If God brings us to it, He'll bring us through it." When we go about our day, and an opportunity opens to help or encourage someone or tell them about Jesus, it's likely an opportunity arranged by God. We should see it as good in our sight (Psalm 118:23) … Continue reading Don’t Be Afraid—Be Strong!

Waiting With Confidence

There have never been as many so-called Christians in the world as today. However, few know Jesus and assume that God has changed, so they've modified His Word to suit their desires. But God has not changed! Jesus is still the ONLY Savior and He's getting ready to call all believers out of here because … Continue reading Waiting With Confidence

It’s Who We Are!

Some people think that becoming Christian means giving up the good things in life and submitting to religious rules. However, this isn't Christianity; it's religion. Christianity means realizing that we are sinners in need of a savior and that Jesus IS that Savior. It means giving up the sin in our lives willingly to follow … Continue reading It’s Who We Are!

Don’t Give Up!

Many of us are surrounded by chaos, attacked by political changes, affected by a global pandemic, denied social freedoms, and restricted to worship in church gatherings. Yet, when Jesus truly is our Lord and Savior, we can rise above the challenges because His love and strength grow strong in us when we study the Scriptures … Continue reading Don’t Give Up!