Our Love Can’t be Contained

The difference between real Christians and those who merely call themselves Christians is their love for God. Fake Christians don't know or love God and have no desire to do so. But when we get saved, our heart is changed from sin to righteousness through Christ and He fills us with His Spirit. We crave … Continue reading Our Love Can’t be Contained

Our Strong Tower

Whenever the world begins to overpower us, we can call out His name and hide in God's presence. He gave us His Words—the Scriptures—and in His words, we find strength, comfort, and hope because this is where God talks to us and encourages us to trust Him, follow His leadership, grow in His wisdom, and … Continue reading Our Strong Tower

Proof that You’re a Christian

Sometimes, the greatest evidence we see in ourselves that proves we actually are a Christian is when we put our faith in God and trust Him to do what the world says is impossible. Please feel free to share this post, and if you're not following us yet, click the FOLLOW button on the right … Continue reading Proof that You’re a Christian

Truth Casts out Fear

Fear is a powerful weapon of the enemy, empowered by ignorance and controlled by emotions. It prevents believers from standing up and speaking the truth and forbids the people of the world from hearing it. We are surrounded by sin, and we need to warn the lost that God is getting ready to pour His … Continue reading Truth Casts out Fear