His Plan Works

Life doesn't always happen as we plan it. Sometimes, God allows circumstances that force us to see the evil in this world and the hope in His salvation. When we become Christians, our values, priorities, and path of life change to fulfill His purpose in our lives. Sometimes, our answers to prayers won't be what … Continue reading His Plan Works

Words of Hope

As Christians, we pray about our circumstances. But when answers don't come, how and when we want them, we begin to doubt because we forget that God DOES hear and answer us, BUT often in His way and His timing. When we get anxious and speak doubt, our minds begin to believe what we hear … Continue reading Words of Hope

Truth and Mercy

The world is changing: love has become a conditional emotion, mercy is a limited right, and truth is a recognized opinion. Yet, God does not change! His love for us remains UNconditional and eternal; His mercies are everlasting, and His Truth endures forever. Nothing we say or do can change God's rule because He is … Continue reading Truth and Mercy

Facing Battles

Billy Graham is noted for saying, "If God brings you to it, He'll bring you through it." God isn't a militant leader who appoints jobs and then leaves us alone to use our own means, thoughts, and strengths. Our battles are spiritual, and God wants us to be equipped through His Spirit to stand against … Continue reading Facing Battles

Unconditional Joy

To rejoice means to feel or show great joy. Emotional joy is conditional on how we feel and what makes us happy. But Christian joy fills our souls with unconditional delight because we know what Jesus has done, is doing, and will do for us. He's greater than our problems and has made way for … Continue reading Unconditional Joy

You Are Not Alone!

Sometimes we feel alone, as if no one cares or understands us. As Christians, the more we study the Scriptures to know Jesus, the further we drift from the world—and even our unsaved friends and loved ones. But we are NOT alone because Jesus is with us ALWAYS! We need to call out His name … Continue reading You Are Not Alone!

When Things Go Wrong

Sometimes, we'll rise early in the morning with great expectations for the day...and then it seems as if everything goes wrong. This is when we have to remember that God is greater than our problems, and thank Him for His love and mercy and praise Him anyway! God is good! If you're not following us … Continue reading When Things Go Wrong

Controlling Our Thoughts

Our emotions get us in trouble when our minds give in to their hostile cries. As Christians, we must study the Bible to fill our minds with God's Truth and then commit to thinking only about things that give Him glory. We'll see beyond this negative world and on to what He has prepared for … Continue reading Controlling Our Thoughts

I Love You Because

In the Old Testament, God commanded people to love Him to keep them from worshiping idols and missing His love and mercy. Then came our salvation! Now, when we make Jesus our Savior, we're redeemed back to God and filled with HIS Spirit, who teaches us all Truth as we study the Bible. We don't … Continue reading I Love You Because

Caught in the Storm

The chaos of this world often makes us feel like we're caught in a storm with no way out. The ones who seem to know it all continue to distress many with their adverse reports, filling them with fear and subjecting them to their control. Yet, as Christians, fear is not an option because our … Continue reading Caught in the Storm

We Are What We Say

Our words define who we are in our hearts. As Christians, we are God's ambassadors on this earth, and what we say reflects how others see Him. It's easy to get caught up in gossip and believe we're just sharing information, and it's equally destructive to speak badly and judge someone for what we think … Continue reading We Are What We Say

Arguing Bible Principles

The new Christian faith comprises many diverse interpretations of Scripture. However, there's only one way to be a Christian—follow Jesus, study the Scriptures, and let God's Spirit interpret His Truth. Sadly, many real Christians argue Bible principles with those deceived to get them to change, creating contention and pushing them further into deception. As God's … Continue reading Arguing Bible Principles

A Choice to Study

When choosing a career, we must study to learn and gain wisdom so we can confidently excel in our profession. This also applies to being a Christian. We've made our choice; now we must study the Scriptures to be filled with knowledge and wisdom and do what God's called us to do. The more we … Continue reading A Choice to Study

The Virtue of Patience

Impatience can turn us into our own worst enemies. Traffic rush hour is a good example. Some people can't sit and wait patiently for things to get moving; they have to push forward and create a bigger disaster. We can be like this with our prayers, too. We expect God to answer immediately; when He … Continue reading The Virtue of Patience