Be at Peace and Shine

Have you ever noticed that you can face difficult situations more easily when you're not stressed or anxious? It's easy to get caught up with all that's happening in this corrupt world, which can affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally. But when we know Jesus and put our trust in Him, He fills us with … Continue reading Be at Peace and Shine

A Joyful Heart

Christians are spiritual soldiers who fight a spiritual enemy, and we have one thing in common with the physical soldier. When he's away at battle, he stays strong because he knows there's someone at home who loves him and is waiting for him to return. This joy in his heart keeps him going. As Christians, … Continue reading A Joyful Heart

Where Does our Strength Come From?

Our attitude impacts what we do—even if we're trying to do a good deed. Sometimes, we have to do things that we don't really want to do or deal with situations that we'd really rather not, and the stress or anticipation can cause us to be anxious, angry, or even resentful. But when our hearts … Continue reading Where Does our Strength Come From?

Peace Through the Problems

We live in a corrupt and evil world, and many of us suffer from issues that wear us out. But it doesn't need to be this way. We can give our problems to the One who can deal with them and rise each morning totally refreshed, filled with His peace, and strengthened by the joy … Continue reading Peace Through the Problems

Joy and Strength

Small children depend on their parents and rest in their love and protection. They don't focus on the negative and aren't afraid of the obvious. They have joy in their hearts and look for the good things in life. As Christians living in a chaotic world, we need this same attitude. Jesus loves us and … Continue reading Joy and Strength

What Do You Say?

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas, what do you say? The world's people say Happy Holidays because to them, it's a holiday, the time for Santa, gifts, parties, and festive gatherings. But, for Christians, we celebrate Jesus, our Savior, so we say Merry Christmas! At this time of the year, when people seek peace and joy … Continue reading What Do You Say?

Joy makes us Strong

Evil is closing in around us and many people are inheriting the fear that comes with it. But believers are not of this world; we are citizens of Heaven and Jesus is our Lord. He knows exactly what's going on and has warned us about it in the Bible! This dark world is heading for … Continue reading Joy makes us Strong

Joy Comes in the Morning

There is a big difference between Joy and Happiness, and too often we confuse them. Happiness is a temporal state of the mind; joy is a permanent condition of the heart. Happiness is the result of our emotions being satisfied; joy is the everlasting imprint on our heart that gives us strength. We may go … Continue reading Joy Comes in the Morning

A Fearful Heart

The Bible tells us in Psalms 111:10 and in Proverbs 9:10 that "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom". Many people who do not understand Scripture—and this includes non-Christians AND Christians—think that we must be afraid of God and do what He says or die! Others are afraid of people and live in fear of … Continue reading A Fearful Heart

The Joy of the Lord

Have you ever wondered how some people can be so happy and carefree one minute, and then become totally ticked and angry at the slightest dispute the next? It's because the happiness that they display when everything is going well is a result of their emotions. And our emotions can and do change, just like … Continue reading The Joy of the Lord

God is Greater than the Attack!

Sometimes it's really hard to be joyful. We're attacked from different directions and we get knocked down, and the joy we once had slowly oozes out of us. Maybe we had plans for that extra bit of money that came in and it got sucked away by an unexpected bill. Or maybe a health issue … Continue reading God is Greater than the Attack!