In Times of Trouble

Whether our problems are personal situations or global issues due to the times we live in, God is our refuge, and He'll help us when we call upon Him and trust Him. He'll fill us with His peace as we rest in His arms, and He'll become the wisdom and strength we need to bring … Continue reading In Times of Trouble

Praising God in the Midst of Pain

Some people think that the best way to get the victory over their problems is to yell at the devil, quote Scriptures and command their rights over his. But God tells us to give the problems to Him, and that victory comes when we praise Him in the midst of our pain. Nowhere in the … Continue reading Praising God in the Midst of Pain

When the Darts Come

It’s not always a peaceful walk when live the Christian life because there are times when the devil uses people to bring us unexpected trials and sorrows.  Sometimes the stress we endure isn’t even from the evil darts; sometimes the greater hurt comes from the people who throw them. Most of us just accept that … Continue reading When the Darts Come

What Swear Words Offend God?

When we think of swear words that offend us there are dozens that come to mind. We even think of the Lord's name being used as a swear word and it grieves us. As children we were taught to not use them or else.  In today’s world, however, these offensive words are commonly spoken amongst … Continue reading What Swear Words Offend God?

How to Overcome Fear

Fear is one of the greatest of oppressions that is tormenting Christians and non-Christians across the globe. It’s the cause of many health issues, emotional traumas and mental depressions, and many of us live defeated lives with stifled hopes because of this hidden and destructive sense. It’s time we learned to overcome fear and to … Continue reading How to Overcome Fear

When Love Hurts Us

Sometimes in life someone we really love and trust will do something so offensive or hurtful to us that it feels as if a brick had been smacked into our head. We didn't see it coming; we can't understand why it happened, but it did. The impact left us with a huge hole in our … Continue reading When Love Hurts Us

Faith is a Choice

As we each struggle in this world with our own issues, we often meet others who seem to have more faith than we do. The common thoughts are that God must like them more than He likes us, or that strong faith is given only to the really good Christians. But the truth is that faith is … Continue reading Faith is a Choice

Supporting Faith

Supporting faith is more than just an agreement of words; it means actually standing with someone in spirit and in body, and  being an encouragement to keep them strong and to keep them standing. When we come to the crossroads and decide that we’re going to trust in God to heal us or deliver us from … Continue reading Supporting Faith

Building Faith for the Future

We all know the importance of saving money in a bank account for a rainy day.  We also realize the value of having insurances like house, car and life insurance to give us the financial support we need to draw on in the time of a crisis.  It’s too late to start once we're in … Continue reading Building Faith for the Future

Supporting each other…

There are times when we're attacked with unexpected trials in life and we're not able to get the victory in them by ourselves. We need friends to lift us up in prayer and stand in the gap for us. There are times when we must lift others up and stand in the gap for them. And sometimes … Continue reading Supporting each other…