Mercy, Peace, and Love

The peace, love, and joy of life that we once knew through reverencing God's laws have been replaced with challenge and even stress because of new social rights and opinions. As Christians, we need to continually study the Scriptures and spend time in prayer and worship to know God's truth and live in His peace. … Continue reading Mercy, Peace, and Love

Compassion and Mercy

God is full of compassion, merciful, and forgiving. While we were still sinners, Jesus died to pay the punishment for our sins because He loves us that much, and He gives each person every possible opportunity to turn to Jesus and accept Him as Savior. And after we are saved, God continues to pour out … Continue reading Compassion and Mercy

Full of Love and Mercy

As Christians, we are saved from God's wrath but we are not perfect or above the law. We still make mistakes, let our emotions take control at times, and slip on the path that leads Home. But as we spend time in prayer and worship and study our Bibles, we develop a relationship with Jesus … Continue reading Full of Love and Mercy

Wait Upon the Lord

It's a new day, yet some of us are beginning it with a heavy heart. Some of us have been knocked down by unexpected circumstances and we feel defeated and helpless. And if we keep the burden to ourselves, we WILL be defeated because we ARE helpless. We are weak because we are fighting a … Continue reading Wait Upon the Lord

We Have a Good Father!

Isn't it wonderful to know that God actually watches over each and every one of His children? Our Father in Heaven is able to know without a doubt everything that's going on in this world and still consider each one of us so precious that He keeps His eye on us. There is nothing too … Continue reading We Have a Good Father!

Happy Friday!

This world is changing every day—it's politics, its standards, and its priorities, and all because it's changing its God. Our God in Heaven has been pushed out of man's world because it prefers to be its own god. But the truth is, Jehova God NEVER changes. His laws in the beginning are still the laws … Continue reading Happy Friday!