The Door Swings Both Ways

Sometimes, we wonder why we can't sense God's presence. Well, the door swings both ways. Jesus left His throne in Heaven, became a man, died barbarically on the cross to take our sins away, and gave us His Spirit to be with us always. He's proved His love for us; now it's our turn to … Continue reading The Door Swings Both Ways

Peace and Confidence!

Our minds are like sponges, and they absorb whatever is around them. This is why the Bible says to study the Word and meditate on the Scriptures day and night and think on things that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, are of good report, and have virtue. We are to commit our thoughts to God because … Continue reading Peace and Confidence!

Trust the Lord…Seriously!

As we watch the news for the reports on the election, let us NOT be convinced by the initial results as things don't always appear as they really are. God is still in charge! The truth cannot be hidden even though the enemy tries to hide it. Stay in prayer, keep praising God and enjoy … Continue reading Trust the Lord…Seriously!

The Cost of Being a Missionary

Years ago, people referred to missionaries as those elect few who gave up everything they owned in this civilized world to go and work with the underprivileged in the uncivilized world. The cost was high; many of them died shortly after arriving. It may be shocking to learn, though, that missionary help isn't only for distant countries; the … Continue reading The Cost of Being a Missionary

Controlling Our Thoughts

The world we live in has compromised “good” with a lot of deception that looks good but is really evil. Matthew 7:13 says that there is a lot of sin in the world and that many people are heading in the wrong direction because of it. Many Christians stay away from the obvious sins of the world … Continue reading Controlling Our Thoughts

Take the time to pray

Our lives are filled with challenges that take our thoughts each day      and what we often forget to do is take the time to pray. When dawn greets us in the morning we should give thanks to God above     and pray for friends and family that they might know His love, That He … Continue reading Take the time to pray