Like a Glass of Water

We can view life like a glass of water—half full or half empty. When we focus on our problems and pains, we're overpowered by hopelessness and defeated by doubt. But when we see the good in life DESPITE our problems and pain, we have hope and joy. Jesus said we'd have tribulations in this life … Continue reading Like a Glass of Water

The Rocky Road

The road we travel in life can be rocky and unsure, but we can make it when we're following Jesus! Christians are forgiven of their sins, not perfect, and we all have problems to overcome. Some of us struggle to break from past habits, others create problems through bad decisions, and others endure situations that … Continue reading The Rocky Road

He Fights for Us!

The Oxford Dictionary defines "lord" as someone or something having power, authority, or influence; a master or ruler. Ephesians 6:12 says that in this world, we wrestle against powers of darkness (the devil) who became lord over us when he convinced Adam and Eve to sin against God. John 16:33 tells us that Jesus, the … Continue reading He Fights for Us!

Peace and Good Will

The Christmas season is the time when we focus on the birth of Jesus and praise God for our salvation. However, some people question the idea that Jesus came to bring peace into the world, but He did. Jesus warned us in John 16:33 that as the world spirals deeper into sin and nears the … Continue reading Peace and Good Will

Why Rejoice in Bad Times?

When we go through struggles and bad times in life, we are anything but joyful.  Many of us become overwhelmed with stress and hardship when we endure those unbearable trials. Yet, Apostle Paul says that he rejoices in tribulation, and we are supposed to follow His teaching because he taught the truth. So does this … Continue reading Why Rejoice in Bad Times?

Searching for a Happy Heart

Sometimes it feels almost impossible to be happy for two days in a row in this world. There is always something horrible going on somewhere that steals our joy. We are surrounded by people who are ill, people whose lives are falling apart or people who suffer from financial depression. And the global disasters are … Continue reading Searching for a Happy Heart