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This blog’s purpose is to share God’s Truth in daily inspirational messages that will encourage you and help you realize that regardless of who you are, what you’ve done, or what you’re going through—God loves you!

Most of us are going through some challenges in life. Some of us suffer the loss of a loved one; others face critical health issues. Many struggle from lack of finances, while others are going through a marriage breakup. Our problems can sometimes be overwhelming, and we wonder why—if there is a God—He doesn’t help us. Some even ask, “Does He hate us that much?”

God doesn’t hate anyone because God is love. He created our souls initially and has always loved us, even before we were born. Romans 8:39 says that nothing can separate us from His love, so we ARE loved by God, yet, separated from His presence.

Adam and Eve were perfect when God created them and placed them in the garden. God came down from Heaven every evening and walked with them in the garden, and they enjoyed each other’s company, just as earthly children enjoy their father’s company. God is holy; they were holy, and nothing separated them until Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

A serpent in the garden, possessed by the devil, talked her into eating it, and she talked Adam into eating it. Adam sinned when he did because God had told him not to eat the fruit, so God immediately removed His Holy Spirit from them. Not because He suddenly hated them but because God is Holy, and sin cannot stand in His presence. So, after that, every child born is born with inherent sin, and the destination of sin is death (Romans 6:23).

God’s love for us is so great that He didn’t turn His back and leave us to suffer eternal punishment. Instead, He came to earth and took on the form of a man—Jesus—so He could take our sins and die on the cross as punishment for those sins, and then rise from the grave and return to Heaven to prepare a Home for us; for every single person who accepts Jesus as their Savior.

This corrupt and evil world no longer accepts or welcomes God and has become a place of lawlessness where its people have an almost incomprehensible lack of love and respect for each other. People have changed their values, priorities, and God’s laws to satisfy their sinful desires. What was once sin is now legal, and what was once right is now called sin (Isaiah 5:20).

It’s becoming almost impossible to know who to trust because our leaders no longer work for the people’s best interests. On top of that, we’re experiencing weather disasters, health issues, pestilences, famine, and lawlessness, and we’re beginning to accept them as the norm. Fear and distrust have become underlying factors for many people.

But the good news is that Jesus is our Savior, the one who defeated sin on the cross and made way for every person to be freed from sin and redeemed to God, just as Adam and Eve were in the beginning (John 3:16). When we turn from the world and follow Jesus, He fills us with His Spirit and teaches us all truth when we study the Scriptures. We can face the world and work through our problems with victory because we know we are not alone. We know that God is with us because He loves us, always has, and always will.

When you read my blog posts, I hope you will be encouraged to accept Jesus as your Savior if you haven’t already, then study the Bible to know Him so you can be at peace amid the chaos. This world’s system is ending soon because Jesus is coming to pour out His wrath upon all sin. In Matthew 24, He told us about the dangerous days we now live in and warned us of what life would be like just before the Great Tribulation when He pours out His wrath upon it.

Yet, we who love Him will be spared from His wrath because Jesus promised He’d take us to be with Him before that hour comes. We have so much to look forward to, but while we’re still here, we have much to do to share the salvation message and help others to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

So, let’s keep looking up and encouraging others to look up because our redemption is near! Jesus is coming in the clouds to get us—and He’s coming soon!

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