Today is the Day

Many know about God and that Jesus died on the cross for their sins, but few will commit to Him. They'd rather enjoy this world first, get saved later. But there may not be a "later." Look what's going on in Israel, and in our own governments and societies—immorality and lawlessness, just as Jesus predicted. … Continue reading Today is the Day

Time is Running Out

Some of our family and friends hear the truth about Jesus but won't commit to Him because they're trapped by the ways of this world. As Christians, we need to pray for their salvation as if there were no tomorrow because—Jesus is coming soon, and those who don't know Him won't have a happy tomorrow. … Continue reading Time is Running Out

Tomorrow May be too Late!

Jesus is as close as the whisper of His name! If you don't know Him as your Savior, right now is the perfect time to repent and accept His salvation. His grace won't always be her,e and tomorrow may be too late. If you would like to receive notifications for future inspirational posts, please write your email address in … Continue reading Tomorrow May be too Late!