The World Doesn’t Know

People of the world don't understand why Christians go to church and sing to the Lord. Nor do they accept our principles and values or our need to pray. But as Christians, we know that Jesus is the Savior, the Son of God, who paid the punishment for our sins with His own blood and … Continue reading The World Doesn’t Know

The Truth Has Set Us Free

Being a Christian is more than belonging to a physical congregation; it's having a relationship with Jesus. We became a Christian because God gave us enough faith to believe that we were sinners in need of a Savior and that Jesus IS that Savior. But we need to study the Scriptures to know Jesus personally … Continue reading The Truth Has Set Us Free

Reward or Judgment!

When we are committed to Jesus, we study the Scriptures for His wisdom and direction and spend time in prayer and worship to build our relationship with Him. When we follow the world, we do things to please our own desires and emotions and get the world's approval to justify our actions. One day, we … Continue reading Reward or Judgment!

A Better Way

This world's system is falling apart just as Jesus said would happen in Matthew 24. Every day, we learn of new problems: political destruction, economic failure, social degradation, climatic disasters, and menacing pandemics. These affect all of us, but as Christians, we waste precious time when we argue the issues instead of telling people about … Continue reading A Better Way

Motive is Everything

Many people become "Christians" for personal gain to "live their best life now." But this isn't a time for prosperity because God is getting ready to pour out His wrath upon this evil world. We become Christians because we realize that we are one of the sinners whom God will punish and that Jesus IS … Continue reading Motive is Everything

Pray Like Never Before!

God hears and answers the prayers of the righteous, and today we need to lift our voices up to God and pray for America! God told us that where two or three are gathered together in His name He would be in the middle of them, so if hundreds of thousands of believers pray, then … Continue reading Pray Like Never Before!

Jesus is About to Call us Home!

It's no coincidence that the world is suffering through the plague of Covid-19, or that the locusts are taking over countries like India and Iran, or that the weather seems so out of control that hundreds are dying from horrible storms. The world is changing and will never be the same, and this virus is … Continue reading Jesus is About to Call us Home!

There are Two Ways to God!

There have always been two kinds of people: those who worship the true God of Heaven, and those who worship everything else. There have always been cults and religions that blatantly serve false gods, and people who love and obey God. But today much of “Christianity” has changed to make it easier for people to … Continue reading There are Two Ways to God!

God’s Calling…it’s for YOU!

As we look around, it’s evident that the world system is falling apart, and it’s hard to see if God has any control over things anymore. Laws are changed to benefit the rich and sinful and to destroy the poor and innocent. Hatred has become a serious global issue and is inflicting death and destruction … Continue reading God’s Calling…it’s for YOU!

Don’t be Fooled: Tomorrow Will Come!

People often like to put “things” off until tomorrow. As far as time goes on this earth, tomorrow never comes, so their thinking is in line with this world’s clock. Yet, what many don’t realize is that time is a measure of earth, not of eternity, and it's running out. The tomorrow that lies ahead for those … Continue reading Don’t be Fooled: Tomorrow Will Come!

Where are You, God?

Many people pray and expect to hear an audible voice or see a flash of light or something in the miraculous that says God is there and He's listening. Unfortunately, though, God does speak but they are missing His voice because they are not looking for Him where He can be found. As believers, we know where … Continue reading Where are You, God?

What Have You Done With Your Life?

As we reach the various ages in life, we’re compelled to look back and see what we’ve accomplished according to the milestones of today’s world. This can be depressing when we’ve failed to meet these predictions, and it can hinder our attitude for the future. As believers in Jesus, though, we must remember that we … Continue reading What Have You Done With Your Life?

Resort or Battleground?

New Age Christianity is doing its best to convince new and uneducated believers that they are now the new chosen people and that God wants only blessings and a good life for them here on earth. The message of salvation has been twisted so that deception has people confused as to whether our life on earth … Continue reading Resort or Battleground?

Let’s Be Positive!

Too often Christians get caught up with being negative and criticizing others. Whether it's a group within a congregation or a rant on public media, speaking negative about others only builds up the self-righteousness of the participants. Our focus should not be on what not to do, but rather, on what Jesus has told us to do. The commission Jesus gave to … Continue reading Let’s Be Positive!

Prayer Can Delay Judgment!

There has never been such a need for Christians to pray as there is today! Our lives are literally hanging on a thread and if that thread snaps, then the plunge we take will be deadly. But if we can secure that thread in time, we will prevent the fall. And there's still time to … Continue reading Prayer Can Delay Judgment!

There’s Sorrow in Doing Nothing

There are many contentious issues debated in our world today that seem to divide even the Christians. Many believers will voice their opinion in secret or amongst themselves, but they won’t take a public stand for what is right. They don’t realize that they are part of the problem when they just let things happen and … Continue reading There’s Sorrow in Doing Nothing

Hate the sin…hate the sinner?

It seems that lately the news is filled with horrendous crime stories and the detailed exploits of serial killers, and they remind us just how far humanity has drifted from God. Some of  these crimes are so heinous that our stomachs churn just thinking about them. But when the offender is caught and justice is served, even Christians … Continue reading Hate the sin…hate the sinner?

Guilty as judged

We’re all guilty of it. We’ve all taken on the role of God some time in our lives and judged someone on things we’ve heard without really knowing all the facts. We have our own prefabbed ideas of the way things should be based on someone else’s successes, and we integrate them into our own … Continue reading Guilty as judged