Don’t Be Conformed

Deception is powerful; its end is destruction! Satan used it to bring sin into this world and will continue to use it until Jesus returns. Governments use it to conform us to its ways and laws apart from God, and people use it for personal gain. But as Christians, we study the Bible, learn the … Continue reading Don’t Be Conformed

Stumbling in the Darkness

When the lights go out, we can't see clearly and often stumble because our surroundings are deceiving, not what they appear to be. This is the way it is in this world. It's dark, and, we often stumble because we are deceived. But when we accept Jesus as our Savior, His light penetrates the darkness, … Continue reading Stumbling in the Darkness

The Voice We Hear

The voice of this world boldly proclaims self-righteousness, determined to change God's laws to suit their modern lifestyles. And many Christians are deceived into believing that God accepts these changes so the world can be a better place to live. But as God's children, we must study our Bibles continually to know Him and His … Continue reading The Voice We Hear

We Don’t Have to be Deceived!

This Scripture says a lot about today's world. We need to study the Scriptures and get God's truth into our hearts more now than ever before so that we are not deceived! If you’re not following us yet, please click the blue FOLLOW button or add your email address in the space provided to the right side of this post. We’d … Continue reading We Don’t Have to be Deceived!

No Back Door!

As Christians, we must be careful that we're not deceived by leaders that preach a worldly message about Christ based on their own desires and lifestyles. These are not Christ's shepherds; they are wolves in sheep's clothing who are here to destroy the church by convincing us that sin is not sin and that repentance … Continue reading No Back Door!

Don’t Close Your Eyes!

I have posted inspirational articles on this site for a few years now and my purpose is to inspire you and encourage you to have a closer walk with Jesus. I can’t emphasize enough the need for people to repent of their sins and receive Jesus as their Savior. There is an urgency today that … Continue reading Don’t Close Your Eyes!

Why do I need the Bible?

It seems that there’s a trend happening today where many Christians feel it’s not necessary to have or read a Bible because they can hear from God without it. This can be dangerous when we assume that the voice we are hearing is God speaking to us. It’s not an option to ask, “Why do … Continue reading Why do I need the Bible?

Teach Your Children About God

Many parents today believe that pushing “religion” on children is wrong. They want their children to have the right to choose what “religion” they want to follow when they are old enough to decide. That’s fine for the world because they don’t know God, and no religion will save them anyway. But for Believers, it’s … Continue reading Teach Your Children About God

Things are Changing!

Did you ever notice that life’s motivations go in waves? Nothing is stable. Everything is changing. The fashion industry, TV shows, hit songs, movie themes and even food is forever changing. But most noticeable is our social world where things that were once forbidden are now the norm, what we once called evil is now … Continue reading Things are Changing!

Lies and Deceit

The devil runs this world, and lies and deception are his greatest tools. He is so cunning that he can trick a Christian easily through the lust of the flesh if the person doesn’t study the Scriptures to know God’s will, and doesn't walk in the love and the knowledge and the wisdom God. Lies … Continue reading Lies and Deceit

Who are the Children of God?

There's an attitude spreading across the globe today that wants us to put our differences aside and live as one big multi-cultural family under God. It says that regardless of what we call Him, we are all God's children. Well, God does love everyone, but we are not all His children. We ARE all related biologically, but, we are … Continue reading Who are the Children of God?

The Cost of Telling the Truth

Recently, a family friend, who's always claimed to be a Christian, asked me why some of his family didn't accept his "male" spouse as part of the family. It was a moment of deliberation for me. Do I tell him that he's actually sinning against God by engaging in this lifestyle? Or do I candy coat the … Continue reading The Cost of Telling the Truth

Deception: #1 Killer

We've all heard that cancer and heart disease compete as the number one killer amongst Americans, but the truth is that it's not. There is something even greater that not only violates a person's physical life, but totally destroys their mind and their soul. It's powerful; it's subtle and it's luring, and few people recognize … Continue reading Deception: #1 Killer

Christianity is NOT what you Think

Many people today call themselves "Christians". Mega churches around the globe attract millions of people every week with their hyped music and vain promises of wealth and prosperity. This new move has deleted the need for repentance and replaced it with an inclusive salvation message of the mind. But the truth is, Christians are not defined by what … Continue reading Christianity is NOT what you Think

Our Sins and the Cross

The full impact of what was accomplished on the cross at Calvary is often not fully understood by many Christians. We all know that our sins were washed away, but many assume that now any sin they commit is automatically forgiven. Some continue to keep one foot in the world and others don't realize who Christ … Continue reading Our Sins and the Cross

Losing our Drive to Obey God

The Christian world is changing! There are Christians today who don’t study the Bible to know God because they just rely on the preacher to teach them everything they need to know! Then there are "others" who choose to follow one of the many so-called “Christian” doctrines because the "new" [false] gospel suits their needs so … Continue reading Losing our Drive to Obey God

…And the Broad Way to Destruction Widens

Much of the modern-day Christian doctrine teaches that God is a god of “love and grace”, and that repentance and commitment are no longer prerequisites to get into Heaven because we were all saved at the cross when Jesus said, “It is finished”—[John 19:30]. However, this deception is leading millions down the wrong path … and so … Continue reading …And the Broad Way to Destruction Widens