Rejoice Always!

As Christians living in this sinful world, we'll have troubles just as Jesus warned us. Yet, we can still rejoice despite our problems because we know that Jesus will bring us through them all. And when we focus on what God has prepared for us—an eternity in a perfect world with Him—we rejoice all the … Continue reading Rejoice Always!

Today Could Be the Day

The world around us is falling apart with its immorality and wickedness. Yet, as Christians amid this chaos and confusion, we rejoice because Jesus warned us that these things would happen. He's given us this time of grace to repent and come to Him, and when we accept Jesus as our Savior, the One who … Continue reading Today Could Be the Day

We Woke up This Morning

This world is not a fun place to be in anymore, but we woke up this morning, so our job here isn't done yet. Today, we can smile at someone and let them know they're important. We can share the gospel with those who don't know Jesus and give them hope. We can help those … Continue reading We Woke up This Morning

Our Greatest Joy

Our greatest joy as Christians is being able to come to God in prayer and know that regardless of the time, He'll hear AND answer our petitions. Prayer strengthens our relationship with Jesus and fills our hearts with peace and joy! It gives us the confidence to know that regardless of what we're going through, … Continue reading Our Greatest Joy

Don’t Be Discouraged!

Many people are discouraged and bound in fear because the world is in a mess. Governments are in chaos, a world war is brewing in the Middle East, a pandemic is restricting our freedoms, poverty is rising, and threatening natural disasters are increasing. Yet, for us who know Jesus as our Savior, we are at … Continue reading Don’t Be Discouraged!

It’s Not Business as Usual

When the angel told the shepherds that their Savior had been born, they rejoiced and then went to the barn and saw Jesus lying in the manger. They worshiped the baby because they knew that He was God's Son, their Messiah, who would save them from their sins and rule over them as King. And … Continue reading It’s Not Business as Usual

Reason to Rejoice!

This sinful world is heading towards God's judgment, but we who know Jesus have been spared of that judgment because He bore the punishment of our sins for us. Despite what challenges we may face today, we know that He will never leave us or forsake us while we're still in this world and that … Continue reading Reason to Rejoice!

What Brings You Joy?

We know we're saved when hearing the name of Jesus makes us glad. We know our salvation is real when our heart rejoices thinking about Him and being with Him throughout eternity. We know we have the victory over this world's problems when the mention of His name brings us peace. We are blessed when … Continue reading What Brings You Joy?

God Has Given us This Day

God created this day so we can enjoy His blessings and share His truth with others. The devil, however, wants to steal our faith, kill our joy, and destroy our trust in God through problems, chaos, and even fear. But when we spend time in prayer and worship and read the Scriptures to know God, … Continue reading God Has Given us This Day

Rejoice in His Promise!

Today, many of us feel sad, confused, and even angry over a political situation that played against every one of us. It's not really a surprise as the Bible is filled with prophecies that warn us of the evils and deceptions that would come in these last days. Things aren't going to get any easier … Continue reading Rejoice in His Promise!

Come out of the Closet!

It used to be that we could barely tell the difference between Christians and the people of the world because the Christians wanted to blend in rather than be noticed. But now, with all that's going on in this world, it's time for us to come out of the closet and let the world know … Continue reading Come out of the Closet!

A Day to Rejoice

America will enjoy a day of festive celebration today as the heart of thanksgiving flows through its homes. Yet, many won't experience the joy because they are letting the unrest of this world steal it from them. As believers, we are thankful in spite of the chaos around us because we know that God is … Continue reading A Day to Rejoice

Rest in His Peace

When the circumstances around us are overwhelming, and the confusion and chaos send waves of chills in our direction, the best thing we can do is withdraw from it all and praise God because no matter how it appears, He is still in control. The negative feelings and fear will disappear because our hearts will … Continue reading Rest in His Peace

Life in a New Day!

The Bible tells us that every day brings new challenges but also that God's mercies are new every morning. The schedules of this world have us so busy planning ahead and preparing for tomorrow that we often miss the blessings God has for us today. This is the day the Lord has made so let's … Continue reading Life in a New Day!