Spreading Hate

  Never before in our lifetime has the issue of “hate” been as globally relevant as it is today. It seems that as Christians, whatever we say in defense of God’s law or His sovereignty is interpreted as “hate”. Sadly, many Christians have chosen to stay quiet because of their fear of spreading hate. The world is … Continue reading Spreading Hate

When Our Faith is Tested

Have you ever noticed how some “Christians” seem to continuously struggle throughout life while others just glide through without any issues? Maybe it’s because some have more faith than others. Perhaps it’s because the others fail the tests of faith and so have to repeat the lessons. Regardless, it seems that our prosperity is all dependent … Continue reading When Our Faith is Tested

Why Talk about Jesus?

Often when people hear a Christian talking about the salvation of Jesus, an alarm goes off in their head. They either run and hide to avoid an encounter, or boldly speak against the “religion” of the Christian and declare that they have their own religion. So why do Christians continue to talk about Jesus anyway … Continue reading Why Talk about Jesus?

What is the Reward of my Faith?

The subject of faith is a very controversial one in the religious realm and few truly understand what faith is, why we need it and how our lives are blessed because of it. We all know the scripture at Hebrews 11:1, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not … Continue reading What is the Reward of my Faith?

Who are the Children of God?

There's an attitude spreading across the globe today that wants us to put our differences aside and live as one big multi-cultural family under God. It says that regardless of what we call Him, we are all God's children. Well, God does love everyone, but we are not all His children. We ARE all related biologically, but, we are … Continue reading Who are the Children of God?

The Truth about Faith

Too often, the true gospel of Jesus is hidden behind the deception of false doctrines and idealistic theologies that are leading people by the millions along the broad path to destruction. God has called us to preach the gospel so people can know of His amazing love for us and of the salvation He’s provided for … Continue reading The Truth about Faith

What’s the Difference Between Worry and Concern?

Many people express their compassions and concerns by worrying about people or situations. They insist that their worrying is a positive attribute to caring and concern. However, as Christians we know that worrying is a reaction of doubt and can only bring defeat. There is a biblical difference between worry and concern.   Webster’s Dictionary … Continue reading What’s the Difference Between Worry and Concern?

What is faith…….really?

Most Christians know the scripture at Hebrews 11:1 that says “faith is the substance of things hoped for”. We know it’s the energy or the confidence to believe God for something… but what is faith really? Jesus talks a lot about faith and He tells us what we can accomplish with it and the fact that … Continue reading What is faith…….really?

Jesus Loves Me

We have sung the age-old song, “Jesus Loves Me”, countless times. Yet, how many of us really know and understand in our heart the reality of the words so that we can say without a doubt, Jesus Loves Me? His love for us is endless and totally unconditional. Jesus died on the cross and took away … Continue reading Jesus Loves Me

It’s Time to Put Faith to Work

It's time to put our faith to work! I'm asking everyone to please join me in a stand of faith for a young woman who is in the hospital fighting with cancer for her life. Her name is Fawn and she and her husband love the Lord but the enemy has attacked her with this aggressive … Continue reading It’s Time to Put Faith to Work

When do we Reach Our Goal With Faith?

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” As we continue to struggle in this world and build our faith, we realize that we are able to believe God for bigger and greater things. When we started out we used our faith sparingly, then more often for daily situations, … Continue reading When do we Reach Our Goal With Faith?

Faith is Made Stronger in Numbers

If one person could have the faith to move mountains like Jesus says in Matthew 17:20, then think what two or ten or a hundred people standing together in faith could do! It's true - faith grows in numbers. Sometimes things will come against us and we are able to give the situation to God and truly trust Him … Continue reading Faith is Made Stronger in Numbers

Faith or Foolishness

There is a very big difference between standing in faith and standing in foolishness. Yet, they can appear so similar that the latter can deceive many Christians and trick them into doing things that could jeopardize their lives.  So, how can we know if our stand is of faith or foolishness? Faith is a conviction of … Continue reading Faith or Foolishness

Worship Brings Faith to Life

There is a lot to be said about worship and how it feeds the faith inside us. Our faith in God and His Word grows as we study and pray, but it’s released into our own spirit when we worship Him. Worshiping the Lord in song and being totally surrendered to Him relieves us from … Continue reading Worship Brings Faith to Life

How do you get faith?

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”(Hebrews 11:1) Simply put, it’s the energy of believing that a certain thing WILL come to pass. For many of us, it’s easy to hope and wish for something to happen, and we get this feeling inside that it will happen – … Continue reading How do you get faith?

Building Faith for the Future

We all know the importance of saving money in a bank account for a rainy day.  We also realize the value of having insurances like house, car and life insurance to give us the financial support we need to draw on in the time of a crisis.  It’s too late to start once we're in … Continue reading Building Faith for the Future

Living by the book…

The world we live in often has us pegged from day one with a plan for our lives. The educational system is set up so that the "average" child's life is plotted out for each grade, for when to finish high school and when to graduate from college.  As they progress in life, there's the assumed age to get married, to … Continue reading Living by the book…

Don’t give in…….

One of the greatest challenges for Christians today is to believe God for healing when health issues come against them.  We pray, we quote scripture and we add our name to prayer lists, but it doesn't work. The condition gets worse and we begin to give in to the circumstances - to the illness, and we justify our … Continue reading Don’t give in…….