Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Sometimes it seems that the good people are the ones getting attacked with illness, financial stress or other disasters, while those who have no respect for God are flying high and enjoying life. Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to good people?   There are four basic reasons why Christians suffer with trials: … Continue reading Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?


Love is Not Silent

Many Christians do not share the gospel of Jesus with others because they either, feel “shy” and just don’t have the words to say, or they don’t want to judge others by telling them that they have sin in their life. But we’re not judging anyone when we try to share the gospel with them, … Continue reading Love is Not Silent

When Love Hurts Us

Sometimes in life someone we really love and trust will do something so offensive or hurtful to us that it feels as if a brick had been smacked into our head. We didn't see it coming; we can't understand why it happened, but it did. The impact left us with a huge hole in our … Continue reading When Love Hurts Us

When Valentine’s Day Hurts…

Today is Valentine's Day in many parts of the world and with this day comes an heir of sentiment and congeniality It's a day that has been accepted by the  world  as THE day for lovers, as THE day to spend money you can't afford to buy extravagant gifts that show your love and affection to someone. And while many … Continue reading When Valentine’s Day Hurts…