It’s New Year’s Eve

Today, we'll prepare to welcome the New Year and make resolutions for tomorrow. From losing weight to improving finances to gaining material possessions, we'll promise ourselves that we will do it. Still, most of us will fail because we seek carnal things and depend on ourselves to get them. As Christians, our resolution should be … Continue reading It’s New Year’s Eve

A Special Time of Year

There's a special peace that comes at Christmas time. People are friendlier and more open to social graces, and we can more easily speak with family, friends, and neighbors than at any other time. Surrounded by God's peace, we CAN forgive those who have hurt us AND ask for forgiveness from those WE have hurt. … Continue reading A Special Time of Year

We Are Not Wannabees

The dictionary defines Christians as "followers of Jesus Christ. " So to follow Jesus, we must know Him personally as our Lord and Savior AND follow Him—not our own version of Christiandom. We have to READ our Bible because every word in it is inspired by God and is FOOD for our soul. The more we read, … Continue reading We Are Not Wannabees

The Christian Walk

The Christian voice has become weak because most of the religious world follows a gospel that's been changed to suit its own desires and blend with worldly attitudes. Even some real Christians either accept some of the changes or refuse to stand against them to avoid attention. But as true believers in Jesus, we have … Continue reading The Christian Walk

Keep the Oil in Our Lamps!

God is a faithful father who guides and instructs us throughout our lives, and He does this through the Scriptures. When we have decisions to make, He has the answers for us so that we won't be deceived by temptation or fall into sin. For example, if we don't know if abortion is wrong, we … Continue reading Keep the Oil in Our Lamps!

Do What You Can do First? Wrong!

We've all heard the expression, "Do what you can do and let God do the rest." Some think that as mature people they should try to deal with their issues and then when all else fails, go to God for help. They think God is pleased with them for trying to solve it themselves. But... this whole way of … Continue reading Do What You Can do First? Wrong!

Who do you follow, Jesus or Someone Who Proclaims to Know Him?

Choosing to be a Christian is the most significant and valuable decision that a person will ever make in his or her lifetime. There are a million different crossroads in life that bring people to this decision, and unfortunately, just as many false doctrines that will lead them away.  If we are going to make … Continue reading Who do you follow, Jesus or Someone Who Proclaims to Know Him?