Things are Changing!

Did you ever notice that life’s motivations go in waves? Nothing is stable. Everything is changing. The fashion industry, TV shows, hit songs, movie themes and even food is forever changing. But most noticeable is our social world where things that were once forbidden are now the norm, what we once called evil is now … Continue reading Things are Changing!

The Anguish of Disability

Many people suffer from disabilities and some don't realize that their hidden anguish keeps them in a state of resentment. They take great offense to remarks or suggestions given to them as they try to cover the pain and embarrassment of needing help. They don't see someone offering their hand as a deed of kindness, but as … Continue reading The Anguish of Disability

Don’t be Deceived: God Has Not Changed

So many Christians today do not take the Word of God seriously. They think that the merits of the Bible are outdated and don’t apply to people today; that God allows His laws to be changed by people to better fit with the ever-changing, modern world. But this is erroneous thinking and whoever believes this … Continue reading Don’t be Deceived: God Has Not Changed