Don’t be Deceived: God Has Not Changed

2789295801_96e79a9b9f_mSo many Christians today do not take the Word of God seriously. They think that the merits of the Bible are outdated and don’t apply to people today; that God allows His laws to be changed by people to better fit with the ever-changing, modern world. But this is erroneous thinking and whoever believes this is setting themselves up for God’s judgement. Don’t be deceived: God has not changed.

The Old Testament is a book of history that explains God, His plan for us and His laws for righteousness that we need to understand so that we can realize the magnitude of grace and forgiveness we were given at the cross. This history teaches us how the world got to where it is today, and it speaks to us of the hope of the salvation that came through the prophesied Christ of the New Testament.

Adam sinned against God, and that action caused the fall of mankind. 1001583_155279281336271_1483479797_nIt forced God to remove His Spirit from people because of the sin in them. God is Holy and powerful, and His very presence would turn anything or anyone unholy into cinders.  Therefore, to be able to come to God and not die before His Holy presence, we need to be cleansed of our sin, and He provided that cleansing by sending Jesus to earth to die on the cross for our sins so that we would be clean and so that nothing would stand between us and God.

While many people have found forgiveness through the cross and have become Christians, even more continue to engage in the widespread growth of sin.  This is because while WE were redeemed from the clutches and punishment of sin, the one who controls sin itself was not removed from the earth; the devil is still here working overtime. In fact, the very nature of sin gets worse as each day passes because the devil knows that his time is running out, and as John 10:10 says, he is determined to “steal, kill and destroy” as many people from God as he can.

310702990_21eca830bb_m People have fallen prey to the uncanny wiles of the devil to defy God, and the things that were once an absolute sin against God are now accepted and justified, and are often debated for further change. Today’s laws were all founded on the Ten Commandments given to us in Exodus 20, and yet they have been greatly modified to adhere to today’s life style. However, they have NEVER been rescinded by God. He has NEVER changed them or even modified them, nor has He EVER given anyone permission to change them.

These laws were written by God because they define God, His integrity, His love, His authority and His plan for us. If God were to change His laws, then that would mean that God would change, and yet it says in Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.”

Some Christians insist that when Jesus came He changed the Old Testament laws and liberated them so that we can live life freely, and that through grace we can just plead ignorance and be forgiven. While grace does allow us to repent for our sins, it does not give us permission to disobey God’s law or to change them to our convenience.

The top four laws that have been changed to suit the lusts of the sinful flesh are:

“Thou shall have no other gods before Me” (Exodus 20:3):

Many of us have made our possessions, careers, accomplishments and ourselves gods over our lives. We fight for them and will die for them because we earned them and we have rights to them. We put these ahead of God and this world and its laws support and encourage this. Stores and businesses are open Sunday’s instead of keeping this day as a holy day to attend church. The world promotes self-esteem (we don’t need God in us; we can do it ourselves), self-righteousness (we don’t need God; we are educated and intelligent and can make our own way), and we are worshippers of ourselves (we don’t God; we praise ourselves for our accomplishments and we reward ourselves because of them).

“Thou shall not commit adultery” (Exodus 20:14):

This law has truly been written right out of our instruction books because modern-day people want to live a life of free sex. Ask any high school student and you’ll learn fast enough that having a sexual relationship with anyone at any time is not adultery; it’s life. Sex is exploited on almost all the secular TV shows, in the movies, in books, on bill boards and in advertising.  With the up rise for gay rights and the women of the night equality, there is an uncontrolled freedom of sexual exploitation going on all around us, and most people no longer accept any of it as adultery or fornication or as an abomination before God.

Thou shall not steal (Exodus 20:15):

Our jails and courtrooms are overloaded with accused people being tried for stealing. The drug market and the underground car theft business has recruited thousands of young people alone who steal for a living. There is no fear; there is no reverence or remorse toward those they steal from; and there is no fear of consequences from breaking the law because of all the little loop-hole laws that protect them.

Thou shall not commit murder(Exodus 20:13):

While most of the other commandments have been gradually watered down to please a rebellious nation, this law stood strong for the longest time because of an inherent fear of taking someone’s life. Police officers, clergy, children and pregnant mothers were somewhat safe from these tyrants because there was a heavy punishment for killing people of “value”. But in today’s world, there is no reverence for any kind for life, and it’s not a surprise nor is it unexpected to hear about senseless and pointless killings any more. Children used to find refuge under their parent’s wings, but now it’s the parents who some of them fear the most. No one is exempt from the murderer’s hand anymore; we all are targets at their evil mercy because murderers no longer fear the law.


God has NEVER changed His laws. People in political authority have taken it upon themselves to change the laws and they will stand accountable before the Lord one day for their actions. Many churches have also joined these forces and have modified the Commandments to make it easier for people in today’s world to stay in their church.

But God NEVER changed His laws because His laws are the foundation for the big picture of who He is. The blood is very sacred to God and the body is Holy because it’s His temple. He lives in us so that His love can be shared with others through us. God is Holy and if we want to be with Him in this lifetime and throughout eternity to come, then WE need to live according to HIS laws, and WE need to strive to be like Him and not adhere to the lies that the devil presents to us in the form of modernization.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He hasn’t changed and neither has His Law.


“Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?” … Romans 6:16






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