Peace and Forgiveness

Thirty-five years ago, I suffered one of the worst nightmares of my life: my six-year-old son was viciously attacked by a neighbor's dog that tore his arm to shreds, causing years of emotional trauma and a string of medical procedures. But God was very present in our lives and He brought our son through this … Continue reading Peace and Forgiveness

Being Thankful for the Greatest Gift of All

Today many of us will sit down to a festive turkey dinner with family and friends as we give thanks for all we have. We will thank God for our home, our family, our job, our health and our physical blessings, but these are only the effects that we get from the greatest gift of … Continue reading Being Thankful for the Greatest Gift of All

Healing Comes to Those Who Believe

There are times in our lives when everything goes smoothly, with the exception of minor trials that test our abilities, but for the most part we are able to stay on track and press toward our goals. But then out of the blue, some of us are attacked with an unexpected conflict that changes everything … Continue reading Healing Comes to Those Who Believe

Why We Can’t Walk by Sight

Many of us are standing in faith and believing God for healing, financial release or for some other need in our lives. We have given the situation to the Lord and we truly believe that He has heard us and answered us, and so we live each day in a state of waiting to see … Continue reading Why We Can’t Walk by Sight

Don’t Quit Your Day Job…

Like anything else in life, when we're waiting to receive something we want to just stop everything and wait for it. And while the excitement of our expectancy grows, we have to remember that we still have a life to live, things to do and people to see. So, while we're waiting for this special … Continue reading Don’t Quit Your Day Job…

Faith Overcomes The World

The problems we face in this world can be very tangible and require very tangible solutions.  Whether it's physical healing, financial relief or the many other problems that we face, often something physical or tangible has to happen before we see the answer. If our needs require financial solutions then we're looking for money to … Continue reading Faith Overcomes The World

Faith is Patient – don’t rush God

Standing in faith and waiting for positive results can be like watching and waiting for a pot of water to boil. It takes time but it will happen, so don't rush God. The Lord hears our prayers and sees our stand in faith and is very capable of answering us, but sometimes the answer is dependent on other people … Continue reading Faith is Patient – don’t rush God

Faith and Forgiving

One of the sad things that can affect your faith as you stand believing God for healing, is realizing that the people you thought would support you, don't. The disappointment can be heartbreaking and can affect your stand. Sometimes it's because they don't understand the depth and power of God, that He can and WILL heal you. … Continue reading Faith and Forgiving

Faith support…

When you are facing a battle where you must build your faith reserves and stand for something such as your health, you need to be surrounded by everything positive. Many people are sympathetic and give you kind words of encouragement and advice on how to deal with your situation. Others, in their sweet ignorance, will … Continue reading Faith support…

Don’t give in…….

One of the greatest challenges for Christians today is to believe God for healing when health issues come against them.  We pray, we quote scripture and we add our name to prayer lists, but it doesn't work. The condition gets worse and we begin to give in to the circumstances - to the illness, and we justify our … Continue reading Don’t give in…….