Don’t Quit Your Day Job…

Like anything else in life, when we’re waiting to receive something we want to just stop everything and wait for it. And while the excitement of our expectancy grows, we have to remember that we still have a life to live, things to do and people to see. So, while we’re waiting for this special thing to happen we need to keep busy and not quit our day job.

When we have given our problem to the Lord, we need to know that He received it and will take care of it. When we know beyond a shadow of doubt that God is now in control, we need to relax and get back in tune with life. If it’s a financial blessing that we’re waiting for, then we need to accept that it’s coming – but that can be hard to do because we tend to check often to see if it’s arrived yet. We check our mail box and our bank accounts so often that we can become obsessed with looking for the answer instead of just accepting that it’s coming.

And while we’re waiting on the manifestation of our healing, we constantly check ourselves to see if there’s any change yet. We know it’s coming because we know that God has healed us, but we check every five and a half minutes anyway.

While this is a normal reaction for most Christians, it’s really a waste of our time and our thoughts. If we believe that God has answered then we need to accept that fact and get back to our lives instead of putting everything aside until WE see it happening. The more we just wait and do nothing, the more chance doubt has to set in and turn the scripture around to read, “we walk by sight and not by faith”.

We might not have a job to work at while waiting, but we can take advantage and do things that otherwise we never had the time to do. We can spend more time with the family, more time in prayer and worship or more time volunteering our services to help others. We can keep ourselves busy doing things that will render our time valuable instead of wasted.

And when we’re ill and waiting for the manifestation of the healing, it may be impossible to return to work or to do much of anything physical, but we can still use the time to glorify God. We can pray and worship from our heart without moving around, or we can talk to other Christians and help build their faith, or we can take the time to study the Bible or read other inspiring Christian books.

There are things we can do to occupy our minds and our hands while we’re waiting to see the blessings of the Lord. Maybe there’s something that we want to do for God, or maybe we need to wait on Him and find out what He wants us to do. It’s an opportunity to seek after God that we can’t let fall to the wayside while we do nothing at all.

This author has experienced all the fears, the doubts and pain imaginable during her own stand in faith as she waited to see the healing manifested in her own body. She not only spent time with the Lord building her faith, but she used her time to write a  powerful and inspiring book that is based on all the messages the Lord gave her. It’s called Let Faith Arise! and will be released sometime in April. It’s endorsed by a reputable and notable pastor in the US and will help to build your faith in God.

It’s not an easy road to tread. We’re waiting on God anxiously to receive our needs from Him knowing that He has heard and answered our prayer, and we stand in faith each day  with our hearts opened and ready to receive.  And I know that if I hadn’t kept myself busy that the enemy would have stolen the faith I had. But writing the inspired messages that God gave me has turned out to be my greatest blessing – and it will be a powerful encouragement to many other Christians, as well.  And if you keep your mind and heart busy and don’t quit your day job waiting for your miracle, you too will see the goodness of God in the land of the living.

“For he will not dwell unduly on the days of his life, because God keeps him busy with the joy of his heart.”

Ecclesiastes 5:20  



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