Faith and Forgiving

One of the sad things that can affect your faith as you stand believing God for healing, is realizing that the people you thought would support you, don’t. The disappointment can be heartbreaking and can affect your stand.

Sometimes it’s because they don’t understand the depth and power of God, that He can and WILL heal you. They hear the medical report and are captivated by it and unable to see beyond it.

Sometimes it’s because they can’t deal with the possible outcome of the report and are afraid to face it, so they fall away from you to spare their own feelings.

Sometimes it’s because they live in a world that is perfect in their own eyes and simply don’t want to have it disrupted by giving their precious time to someone who’s ill.

The sad part about all of this, regardless of what their reason is, is that they are adding more hurt to your already fragile emotions and causing you more pain to overcome.  But you can overcome if you keep focused.

Your focus must be on God at all times, not on the people around you. They can’t heal you but they can prevent you from being healed, so your thoughts and your hope must be in God alone – all the time.  In fact, it may be better for you to keep all these people away from you because they are creating a negative atmosphere, and you need to have only the ones around you who are helping to build your faith.

The attitude of some of your loved ones and friends can be so disheartening that you begin to resent them and even dislike them. This is natural but it’s not the answer you need to build your faith. You need to forgive them and accept them for who they are.

Why? Because they are who they are, and their actions and responses are between them and God. But you in this time of anguish can build animosity towards them in your heart because of the added hurts and disappointment you’re suffering from how they are responding to you.

What do you do? Forgive them. Go into prayer and ask for God’s forgiveness for your feelings towards them so that there is NOTHING that can stand between you and God, between your faith in Him and receiving His healing.

That doesn’t mean that you have to be best friends with any of these people after this. They have shown themselves to be who they really are, and that, unfortunately, is not how you thought they were – and now you realize that you are different. Or you can continue to be friends. It doesn’t really matter what kind of a relationship you have with them. It matters what kind of a relationship you have with God.

God is forgiving. We must be forgiving, too. Even the apostle, Stephen, asked God to forgive those who were stoning him. I’m sure he didn’t care personally for them, either, but he knew enough to ask God to forgive them so that his own heart would not be tarnished from what they were doing to him.

Don’t let the negative actions of anyone come between you and God. Your situation is an issue between you and God, so build your faith in Him and forgive those around you who are hurting you. Don’t let this hurt rob you of the healing that God has for you!

“And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.” … Ephesians 4:32

3 thoughts on “Faith and Forgiving

  1. Great post! If only we, as Christ followers could follow the Scriptural admonition to forgive as Christ forgave. So hard to do at times though. Thanks again. God Bless!


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