Faith support…

When you are facing a battle where you must build your faith reserves and stand for something such as your health, you need to be surrounded by everything positive.

Many people are sympathetic and give you kind words of encouragement and advice on how to deal with your situation. Others, in their sweet ignorance, will tell you how their loved ones and friends were stricken and died.  These words are kind words to help you cope, but they are useless and even harmful to you because they are given from a heart that doesn’t know God and doesn’t know the power of God! 

When you’re standing on God’s Word for healing, you need to surround yourself in His Word and with His children who believe and who will go forth with a powerful message of life! You cannot listen to words of sympathy and sorrow – Jesus died to give you life so don’t let His death be in vain! Take the life He has given you and live it to the fullest!

Don’t let this world steal your life from you!

Get your friends and family to constantly speak positive, to speak healing and to speak life to you so that in moments of sorrow and weakness you can have strength. You must keep your faith growing and that can only be done through soaking up all the faith builders possible.

Search the Word for healing scriptures and write them out in big, bold letters on pieces of paper, and then leave them scattered all over your home. Put one on your bathroom mirror so you will always see it, and on your night table, on your stairs, on the front and back doors, on your bedroom door, on your refrigerator, by your TV and computer. Don’t leave any opportunity for doubt to creap in. Post them wherever you will be so that at any time you can see one and be strengthened.

Your home may become your battle ground but never – NEVER – forget that Jesus has already fought that battle for you …and HE WON!   Don’t let the enemy in because he’s subtle and hates Jesus and will try to kill even you just to spite Him. So, if his battle is with Jesus and you’re just the pawn in the game, then open your faith and believe, because JESUS HAS ALREADY WON THE BATTLE….the enemy just wants you to think that you still have to fight it.

Praise God that we don’t have to fight our own battles. Look to Jesus and you’ll see the healing and all you have to do is accept it!

“…and the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings, and you shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.” …”  Malachi 4:2

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