Don’t give in…….

One of the greatest challenges for Christians today is to believe God for healing when health issues come against them. 

We pray, we quote scripture and we add our name to prayer lists, but it doesn’t work. The condition gets worse and we begin to give in to the circumstances – to the illness, and we justify our lack of faith by saying, “It must be God’s will”.

 But it is NOT God’s will that we get sick because Isaiah 53:5 says, “…with His stripes we are healed.” What does that mean? It means that Christ took our sickness upon Himself on the cross and gave us the victory over it so that we would NOT have to take on sickness. Christ could not have died on the cross on His own merits because He was without sin. He took OUR sin and OUR sickness so that He could drop it off in Hell where it belongs ….. and then He rose again and gave us life!

But we get sick. Why? Because we live in this world and germs go around and disease happens and terminal illnesses come upon us. We may not be OF this world any more, but we are still IN it, so the things that go around on this earth will land on us, too. It rains on the good and the bad.

But we DO NOT have to accept the sickness. We DO NOT have to give in to the doctors and give up hope and give in to it. Why? Because Jesus has already taken it from us.

All we have to do is KNOW Jesus took our sickness upon Himself on the cross and BELIEVE that He took our sickness on the cross and ACCEPT that He took our sickness on the cross.

The key is believing God, trusting God and having faith in God and in God’s Word. We can pray and quote and fill out all the prayer request in the world, but if WE don’t believe it, then what good is it?

If you love the Lord and if you believe that He died for your sins, then you need to pray, pray, pray that the Spirit of God reveals this to your heart so that you can believe and so that you can be healed. God tells us that we are healed in the same sentence that He tells us that Jesus died for our sins. If we can believe half the sentence, why can’t we believe the whole sentence? If Jesus hasn’t taken away our sickness, then He hasn’t taken away our sins, either. It’s a case of believe it all or believe none of it.

The key is to pray that God reveals this truth to your heart, and once you believe it and once it becomes part of you without doubting, you will be healed!

But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him AND WITH HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED.” Isaiah 53:5

6 thoughts on “Don’t give in…….

  1. Ronnie. Great word. It’s so easy for us to take theology from our situation instead of the Word.

    If we find a seed of something in the law, an example of it in history, sung about in the Psalms, prophecied by the prophets, lived out in the life of Christ and taught by the apostles, we have a theology that goes across Christian thought…

    …in everything but healing.

    Why? Because we’ve all seen someone not healed.

    Keep believing even though we don’t see. God is good and in a good mood.


    • Janel, this is true, and I think it’s because the evidence around us is usually very blatant and it appeases our doubtful minds where the truth is suttle and often hidden. And in times of crisis where those around us are adhering to the overwhelming natural facts, the truth gets lost. This is why it’s essential to have people around us who know how to pray and how to bring God’s word alive for us when we are being crushed with negatives.


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