Faith Overcomes The World

The problems we face in this world can be very tangible and require very tangible solutions.  Whether it’s physical healing, financial relief or the many other problems that we face, often something physical or tangible has to happen before we see the answer.

If our needs require financial solutions then we’re looking for money to bail us out, and if it’s our bodies that need healing then it’s physical health that we are looking for. Regardless of what our issues are, they all require that we have faith to believe in something as we search for an answer.

When we put our faith into the world to solve our issues, we usually get only temporary solutions that come with a cost.

We can take out a bank loan and consolidate our bills so that we have one convenient monthly payment and a designated time frame in which to pay our debts off. This appears to be a good solution because now we can afford to pay our bills and still live. But the cost to borrow is not free and we’re charged an interest rate that is sometimes overwhelming, but we have to subject ourselves to it because it’s the only viable worldly solution. And that monthly bill doesn’t go away just because we are laid off of our job or are too sick to work.

When we’re ill, medication is a good solution for both quick and permanent relief to the symptoms, but a lot of the pharmaceutical meds that we take only offer us the ability to cope with these health issues. They don’t cure them, and we’re told that we will have to take them for life because there is no cure. For example, people suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure will take meds for the rest of their lives, and these meds enable them to live somewhat normally but only because they are changing their bodies with the drugs that will affect other parts of their body. And then they will have to take more meds to deal with these changes. None of these meds are curing the diseases or healing our bodies; they’re just weakening them and causing us to be addicted to the prescription drugs.

But there IS a cure when we take our eyes off of the world and put them on God. There IS a cure when we direct our faith to the God who created us, to the God who knows our bodies and what our issues are, and to the God who says, “ask and you shall receive.”

Faith doesn’t come with conditions. It has one focus and that is to overcome! When we have health issues and we direct our faith to God, He does not give us a temporary solution. He does not prescribe meds that only deal with the symptoms or that destroy other parts of our bodies. He does not heal only part of us because God has only one vision – the big picture.

When Jesus took our sickness upon Himself at the cross, He took them ALL – every disease, disability and sickness that ever was or ever will be. He didn’t give us a temporal solution and He didn’t cure only some of our health issues. He cured them ALL. And He did it with NO side effects and with NO cost to us.

When we look at His ministry on earth, the Lord healed the sick, made the lame to walk and the blind to see – and He rose the dead. And the only thing He asks of us is “to have faith“.

We need to have faith in the Lord; faith that He can and faith that He will set us free. He’s already done it for us. We don’t have to wait for Him to finally get through the busy line-up to us so we can be healed. It was accomplished on the cross and all we have to do is get that truth down into our hearts so we can accept it and believe it and then this truth will set us free. (John 8:32)

And when we’re free, we’ll see that our faith in God is enough for us to overcome anything that the world can give us. It may be a new problem for the world and even for us, but it it’s old hat for Jesus because He already dealt with it and overcame it.

When we put our faith in God, that faith is enough to give us the complete victory over our problems and we can overcome anything the world can give us.

“For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world; and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.” … 1 John 5:4


One thought on “Faith Overcomes The World

  1. Jesus told us that the gates of hell will never stand up to the onslaught of the Church. I never saw that as an offense strategy rather than defensive until just recently. Great post Ronnie!


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