How to Share Faith

Many Christians - new ones especially - believe that they have to tell the whole world about their faith, and they feel compelled to speak out and broadcast what they're believing God for. But one of the things Christians neglect to learn is how to share faith. Faith begins with a seed that God gives us … Continue reading How to Share Faith

Do we make our stand in faith a New Year’s Resolution?

As the end of 2011 approaches and the new year waits to be greated, the people of the world are preparing their New Year's Resolutions, and each one hopes that because it's a new year, they will be commited and succeed. But as Christians, should we also wait and make our stand in faith a New Year's … Continue reading Do we make our stand in faith a New Year’s Resolution?

How Our Faith is a Light for Others

It's amazing when we realize just how many people we influence with our words and actions every day, whether for good or for bad. Our kids, our family, co-workers, neighbours and storekeepers are all affected by what we say and do, and so it's crucial as Christians that we understand how our faith is a light for others. … Continue reading How Our Faith is a Light for Others

The World Cannot Accept Faith…

The world bases its judgements and opinions on facts and physical evidence that manifests in every possible situation and circumstance. It cannot accept that Christians will stand in faith and trust God over their obvious knowledge, and so the world cannot accept our faith. We are fools in theer eyes. The Bible tells us to … Continue reading The World Cannot Accept Faith…

Give Faith a Chance

Wisdom tells us that good things come to those who wait and that time heals all wounds, so in the same light we need to ‘give faith a chance’. But we live in a fast paced world where modern conveniences and new technology have enabled us to have “instant access” to most things in life. … Continue reading Give Faith a Chance