How to Share Faith

Many Christians – new ones especially – believe that they have to tell the whole world about their faith, and they feel compelled to speak out and broadcast what they’re believing God for. But one of the things Christians neglect to learn is how to share faith.

Faith begins with a seed that God gives us when we first hear His Word and become a Christian. It grows as we seek God, study His Word and walk His path. Like any natural seed, it needs care and protection from the overwhelming bad elements around us because they are ready to destroy it.  We can’t brag that we’ve got a beautiful plant until the seed develops healthy roots and grows.

We can take our stand in faith and believe God for the issues at hand, but we must be wise in how we express our faith. If we are still young Christians and don’t have a full understanding of Christ or of faith and we’re telling everyone what we’re believing God for, then it would be like planting our seed in rocky ground because the world will pick at it and destroy our faith before it has a chance to grow.

We can’t proclaim that we are standing in faith as if we already had it in us before it IS in us. Some Christians believe that by sharing their faith and quoting scriptures, they can make it happen. But that is the thinking of a carnal Christian because a real Christian knows that faith is believing God and accepting what Jesus already did on the cross.

The world is a big place and it prefers that everyone – including Christians – do things its way. When we speak out and proclaim our faith we are really speaking out against the world, and many people will come at us and try to convince us that we’re wrong, that the world has the better answer and that we should rethink the the faith thing because it’s only an act of desperation that will fail. After all, how many people actually succeed in trusting God for healing in today’s world?

The world has a powerful influence over the thinking of Christians. Many can accept that He took our sins away on the cross because this is a spiritual comfort that churches offer so that we can look forward to something good when we leave this world. But few Christians have built their faith strong so they can deny the world completely and trust only God for their health.

So, we need to be careful before we start telling everyone what we’re doing and thinking because they can crush our faith and our hope before we get started.  We need to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt what Christ has done for us and that we are healed BEFORE we share it with others.

Most churches don’t encourage or teach the faith to believe that Jesus can or will do the miracles that He did when He was on earth. As members of the Christian world, we tend to want to fit in to this “safety zone” of Christianity and not be ostracized from it, because then we have no one to support us.

So, if we choose to follow the Lord entirely and to study His Word and get it deep inside us so that that we know and accept what He has already done and what He will do for us, then it’s a walk that puts us into a different “zone”. And even the Christians around us – unless they know what faith is – will try to convince us that we are acting foolish, and if we give in to them we will lose the seed of faith that we have.

This is why it is crucial that we find like-minded Christians to share with and to pray with and to have as our support. We need these warriors to pray that our faith will be made strong because only when it is strong will we be able to stand and remain standing. And only then will we be able to face the world and say, “I believe”.

“Now he who received seed among the thorns is he who hears the word, and the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word, and he becomes unfruitful.  But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.” …Matthew 13:22-24




2 thoughts on “How to Share Faith

  1. I realy Enjoyed reading this not that enjoying only,I find it very true what you saying here!
    Our lack of growth in the spirit make us to doubt our faith and question it because of the comments from the world.
    Denying the world I fully agree on that one,Romans12:2. We know what it says.
    Thank you for you wise words, Glory to God for that!


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