The World Cannot Accept Faith…

The world bases its judgements and opinions on facts and physical evidence that manifests in every possible situation and circumstance. It cannot accept that Christians will stand in faith and trust God over their obvious knowledge, and so the world cannot accept our faith.

We are fools in theer eyes.

The Bible tells us to walk by faith and not by sight, and yet our senses too often take control. We read the negative reports from the doctors and we know how we feel because we experience the pain and agony of an illness. It’s all there in the natural, and our senses experience the physical condition and accept the physical prognosis. Our senses cannot know the spiritual world and cannot stand in faith over what they know because they are governed by this natural world.

It’s difficult for many believers to stand and remain standing in faith because the natural world is real, it’s louder and it’s more obvious than the spiritual world that they learn about in the Bible. Too many Christians will ignorantly choose to go the world’s way for their healing because the world brags of drugs and techniques that can heal. Doctors promote it as much as the media and so it becomes the only reasonable answer.

“You need chemotherapy. It will make you very ill and there are hideous side effects and the survival rate is very low but it’s your only chance of surviving this disease.”

We’re scared, in pain and at the mercy of the world because it’s the only known answer, so we surrender to it. And sadly, too many Christians still can’t see the irony in this.

If we purchase a toy truck from a Toy Maker and it breaks, would we take it to the dentist to be repaired? Or to the landscaper? No, we wouldn’t. Why? Because our knowledge tells us to take it back to the Toy Maker to be repaired because he’s the one who designed the toy and knows everything about it. The Toy Maker is the only person who knows how to repair it and make it whole again.

In the same light, since God is our creator and His spirit lives in us making us His own child, why would we go to the world for healing? The world is still learning about the human body and does NOT have all the answers. In fact, many of its solutions are estimated guesses at best of what should be, but they don’t heal or fix most problems.

Pharmaceutical meds are man-made chemicals that deal with the symptoms but many of them never get rid of the problem. They delay the problem, help us cope with the problem and create new problems, but these meds rarely destroy the problem we’re taking them for. Although chemotherapy is known for destroying the cancer, it’s also known for killing the rest of the body.

When we are ill we need to go back to our creator, to our Father in Heaven, and get our healing from Him. But God is a spirit and so we need to seek Him in the spirit and that is what we do when we stand in faith. We no longer walk by sight – by what we see, feel, are told by doctors or experience with our senses. We walk by faith – looking into the spirit and to God. We put our trust in God and believe Him for our healing.

God says in Exodus 15:26, “I am the God that healeth thee.” It’s so clear that we should look to Him for healing and not to the world, and yet many of us can’t see beyond this world.

The challenge to standing in faith is that the world – in all it’s assumed wisdom – will come after us, reprimand us and do everything in its power to lure us back to its way of doing things. Why? Because the devil is the god of this world and he doesn’t want us to know or love or trust the God of Heaven, so he’ll do everything to distract us from standing in faith.

The world cannot accept our faith because the world is controlled by the same devil who hates God and he wants us to hate God, too. So standing in faith requires commitment, trust, thanksgiving and praise to the God of Heaven as we submit our mind, body and soul to Him. We have to take our eyes off of our circumstances and put them on God’s promises, and we need to remind ourselves of them constantly.

We need to be sure of who we are and of what Christ accomplished on the cross, and we should not stand down in our faith and deny ourselves healing just because the world cannot accept our faith.

“The thief (the devil of this world) does not come except to steal, and to kill and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have life more abundantly.”    … John 10:10

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