Don’t Close Your Eyes!


I have posted inspirational articles on this site for a few years now and my purpose is to inspire you and encourage you to have a closer walk with Jesus. I can’t emphasize enough the need for people to repent of their sins and receive Jesus as their Savior. There is an urgency today that demands our attention; this world as we know it is coming to an end! We can’t hide from it because it is going to happen and we need to stop closing our hearts and our eyes to the truth.

We need to get our heads out of the sand and grow up! Everything that Jesus warned us of in Matthew 24 is happening right before our eyes. The prophecies of the Old Testament are all coming to pass just as the prophets said. The Bible is infallible in its truth because it’s the Word of God that He gave us so we could know Him, and know what to expect in this lifetime. We need to stop serving the new-age Christianity with its false promises and follow Christ who is truth.

God is not a man

As believers, we need to get into the Bible and study it prayerfully, and read it and meditate on it day and night so that God’s truth can get deep into our heart. We need to protect ourselves from the deception of this world that is traumatizing people. We have to stop thinking that if we can get rid of a certain president, then the world will be good again. This is a lie. It isn’t the president who’s bringing all these sorrows upon this earth; it’s sin that is setting this world up for judgment. But God, in His mercy, is giving us time to repent before it happens!

I am3

Lies and deception are stealing the hearts of so many people—even Christians—and we need to turn from the world and seek God. He is truth and our only salvation from the judgment of sin that is about to be poured out upon this earth.

We are literally at the doorstep of the period known as the Great Tribulation, and this is a time when all hell is going to break loose and God will pour His judgment out upon all those people who chose to keep their sin and not receive Jesus as their Savior.

But praise God, He is going to take His children out of here before this happens. Jesus is getting ready to call us to join Him in the clouds in an exodus referred to as the Rapture.  This is real. It IS going to happen and many won’t accept it until we all instantly go missing, and then it will be too late. They may get saved during the Tribulation, but it is going to be at a high price, namely their lives.


Don’t let this happen to you! If you don’t know Jesus, then make Him your Savior now. And don’t let this happen to those you love, either. Let’s lift them up in prayer continuously and do everything within our ability to plant seeds so that they will have a change of heart and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We can’t put this off until tomorrow because there just may be no tomorrow. Jesus could call us home today! And once we’re gone, there will be no one praying or inspiring people to know Jesus. They will have to do it on their own and that will be difficult because of all the horrors and sorrows that will be going on around them.

Don’t miss His voice! Be ready to go but busy in helping others to know Him. Keep your heart and eyes open and ready to meet Him because He’s coming soon!

Redemption is near

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Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day…ronnie

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