God Speaks Through the Scriptures!

God tells us often to call upon His name, to come to Him with our problems, to cast our cares upon Him, and to ask anything in prayer and believe that He hears us and answers us. In fact, God instructs us in every way how to live a life that is pleasing to Him; a life where He is our Lord and we can have victory over the god of this world. But there is only one way to know God, to understand who He is, and to be able to follow Christ and obey Him, and that is to read our Bible.

But it’s more than just reading; it’s studying the Scriptures with a heart to truly know and serve God. He will not only bless us but He will reveal His truth to us and show us great and mighty things—but we need to read our Bible to get to that place in our Christian walk. God speaks to us through the Scriptures because the Bible is HIS spoken word to us. So we need to study it so we can know God, and then, we will hear His voice in our heart and be able to answer Him and thank Him when He speaks to us!

Call unto me

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