A Choice to Study

When choosing a career, we must study to learn and gain wisdom so we can confidently excel in our profession. This also applies to being a Christian. We've made our choice; now we must study the Scriptures to be filled with knowledge and wisdom and do what God's called us to do. The more we … Continue reading A Choice to Study

From the Teacher to You

When students go to school, their resources are usually books they study to know and understand the subject at hand and put into practice what they've learned. And so it is with the Bible. God gave us HIS words to study so we can know Him, understand His ways, and be who He has called … Continue reading From the Teacher to You

Why Read the Bible?

Most new-age Christians don't read the Bible because they feel God will lead them by their feelings. This is dangerous because if they really don't know Jesus as their Savior but only think they do, they aren't being led by God at all—they're being deceived by the devil. We must study the Bible daily to … Continue reading Why Read the Bible?

God Speaks Through the Scriptures!

God tells us often to call upon His name, to come to Him with our problems, to cast our cares upon Him, and to ask anything in prayer and believe that He hears us and answers us. In fact, God instructs us in every way how to live a life that is pleasing to Him; … Continue reading God Speaks Through the Scriptures!

Spreading Hate

  Never before in our lifetime has the issue of “hate” been as globally relevant as it is today. It seems that as Christians, whatever we say in defense of God’s law or His sovereignty is interpreted as “hate”. Sadly, many Christians have chosen to stay quiet because of their fear of spreading hate. The world is … Continue reading Spreading Hate

Formula for Salvation

The Old Testament believers looked for the Messiah to come and save them from their sins. They sacrificed animals at the altar in reference to the ultimate sacrifice: Christ Jesus. The shed blood of the animals didn’t take away their sins and they knew that. Their focus was on Messiah who would come and be … Continue reading Formula for Salvation

Old-Fashioned and Forgotten

Majority of today's society considers antique furniture to be old-fashioned, too detailed and subjective to a dated lifestyle. And so it has been changed in design to suit today's pace, needs and desires. So it is with the Holy Bible; it has become old- fashioned and forgotten because it doesn't fit into today's lifestyle. The … Continue reading Old-Fashioned and Forgotten

Controlling Our Thoughts

The world we live in has compromised “good” with a lot of deception that looks good but is really evil. Matthew 7:13 says that there is a lot of sin in the world and that many people are heading in the wrong direction because of it. Many Christians stay away from the obvious sins of the world … Continue reading Controlling Our Thoughts