Tuesday’s Peace

It’s not always the stresses in life that destroy us; sometimes it’s how we react to them that does us the most damage. This world is spiraling faster than ever towards destruction and it will take us with it if we don’t separate ourselves from it. We need to remember, as believers, that we belong to God and He is greater than anything this world can throw at us AND He is still in control.

Fear is a powerful tool that the devil uses to capture our minds and hearts, and he uses circumstances—like COVID-19—to destroy our hope in God. But when we focus on Jesus and praise Him and thank Him and worship Him for His unconditional love for us, then we won’t be afraid now or of what lies ahead. Instead, His peace will flood our souls so that we can continue to use our time wisely to share the gospel and encourage others before He calls us Home because—Jesus is coming soon!

Perfect peace

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Peace

  1. Hi Ronnie,
    What a beautiful site. I am delighted to meet another writer. Peace be with you. I am studying Creative Writing and finishing my AA soon. I cannot wait to begin graduate studies. Enjoy your day. Thank you. johngevanspoet.com

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