First Impressions

They say first impressions are everything, but that's not true. Some people can be usually happy, kind, and giving, but then something overwhelming happens to them, and when we see them for the first time, they appear cold and unfriendly. Yet, despite their attitude, God wants us to treat them as He treats us—with love … Continue reading First Impressions

He’s Done Great Things for Us

As Christians, we thank God for our families and the many blessings He's given us, but there's so much more for which we're grateful! Jesus took the punishment for our sins at the cross, sparing us from God's judgment and giving us eternal life with Him. His Spirit lives in us, teaches us about God, … Continue reading He’s Done Great Things for Us

I Believe It!

What is faith? It's our confidence in God, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). It's NOT given automatically when we accept Jesus as our Savior. We can't get it by mimicking the words and actions of others OR reciting positive words. Faith comes from studying the Bible to … Continue reading I Believe It!

Begin Each New Day

We live in a fast-paced world that demands our every thought. As Christians, if we aren't careful, we could be deceived into following the wrong people, making bad decisions, and taking mistaken actions. So, we need to study the Bible daily to know God and fill up on His truth, and we have to begin … Continue reading Begin Each New Day

Don’t Surrender to Defeat

Many people surrender to defeat because they don't know the truth. As Christians, we need to study the Bible so God's Spirit in us can teach us and train us in His Truth. When Jesus went into the wilderness after he was baptized in the Jordan River, the devil came to tempt Him, but Jesus … Continue reading Don’t Surrender to Defeat

Emotional Anticipation

There's fear (reverence for things that CAN hurt us), and then there's fear (emotional anticipation of the unknown). When we become Christians, we study the Bible, and God's Spirit teaches us and leads us in all truth. Problems still arise, and often the first thing the devil does is stir our emotions, so we surrender … Continue reading Emotional Anticipation

Live or Die

Many people fear death, which is normal when they don't know God and haven't accepted His salvation. God created each of us with an eternal soul that'll live in one of two destinations after death. For the world, it begins with being judged by God, followed by an endless torment and complete separation from Him. … Continue reading Live or Die

Submit the Little Things

Many Christians think they only need to pray about the big things in life. But Apostle Paul tells us in Philippians 4:6 to pray about EVERYTHING because if we don't, Satan can get into the little things and turn them into big problems. We have to begin each new day seeking God's direction, wisdom, and … Continue reading Submit the Little Things

Opinions and Values

The values and benchmarks in our world are changing. Personal opinion and biased rights are replacing security and peace, and this new way of life is breeding hostility and aggression. It can be easy for Christians to get caught up in the hype when someone's opinion and actions challenge our beliefs. But when we stay … Continue reading Opinions and Values

I Will Hope Continually

It's not easy to praise the Lord when bad things happen to us. But let's not forget that Jesus said we WOULD have tribulation in this world. Sometimes, the devil comes against us to destroy us, and sometimes God allows things to happen to teach us something. Regardless, as Paul wrote in Romans 8:28, all … Continue reading I Will Hope Continually

Today Could Be the Day

The world around us is falling apart with its immorality and wickedness. Yet, as Christians amid this chaos and confusion, we rejoice because Jesus warned us that these things would happen. He's given us this time of grace to repent and come to Him, and when we accept Jesus as our Savior, the One who … Continue reading Today Could Be the Day