Rest in His Peace

When the circumstances around us are overwhelming, and the confusion and chaos send waves of chills in our direction, the best thing we can do is withdraw from it all and praise God because no matter how it appears, He is still in control. The negative feelings and fear will disappear because our hearts will … Continue reading Rest in His Peace

The Truth About Love

Have you noticed that when Jesus walked the earth, He didn't gather everyone together for a negative gab session to discuss the evil plots of the religious and political leaders? Rather, Jesus told everyone about God our Father, and gave them the hope of going to Heaven if they would honor, worship, and love God … Continue reading The Truth About Love

Who do You Choose?

There are many views today on Christian beliefs that are supported by the assumption that God accepts them all. But it's wrong to compromise the truth just because it's easier than giving up the things of this world that we enjoy. We can't serve two masters and expect to make it to Heaven because whoever … Continue reading Who do You Choose?

Let Jesus Take Care of Us

The news media is paralyzing people with its lies and allegations, causing many of us to live in anguish and fear. And this fear is spreading to people all around the world. As believers, though, we don't look to the world for anything; we look to Jesus because He is our strong tower and our … Continue reading Let Jesus Take Care of Us

God is STILL on the Throne

As we continue in prayer for the American presidency, let's never forget that God is still in control. Everything we are going through is already spoken about in the Scriptures. God said things would happen this way because people prefer evil over good; they prefer to live in sin rather than surrender to Almighty God. … Continue reading God is STILL on the Throne