When the World Says Give Up

We need faith in something to keep us hoping when things aren't going well. For Christians, our faith is in Jesus, knowing He IS our Lord and Savior who's already defeated our problems, His promises in the Bible are True, and He IS faithful. It's resting in His authority, trusting His judgment, and accepting His … Continue reading When the World Says Give Up

What Determines Our Day

The mood of our day is often determined by how it begins. King David shows us how to start our day despite our surroundings. He spent 15 years of his early life running from a madman, but he knew God and surrendered each day to Him. He'd rise early and pray, lay his requests before … Continue reading What Determines Our Day

The Misunderstanding

Contrary to common misunderstanding, God is not an overbearing tyrant. Nor is He our personal genie who gives us everything we want. God created us, His children, in love, but when Satan deceived Eve into sinning, our Holy bond with our Father was broken. Jesus came and paid the punishment for our sins when He … Continue reading The Misunderstanding

Peace in Affliction

It's easy to get discouraged and give up when afflictions come. But as Christians, we have hope because Jesus is our Lord and Savior, and when we study the Bible to know Him and His promises, His Word fills us with life that we can't explain. Sometimes, God heals us—and sometimes, healing doesn't come. But … Continue reading Peace in Affliction

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas is coming and one way to share the joy of the season is through books that tell the story of Jesus. In this book, One Glorious Night, we see the glory in the night Jesus was born through the eyes of six different people. Each person tells their story as they saw it and … Continue reading The Perfect Christmas Gift

Whoever Means You!

Many think they are Christians because they read the Bible, accept what they've learned, and agree that Jesus is the Savior of the world. But knowledge does not save us. We must accept, believe, AND commit to Jesus to be Christian. John 3:16 says that Jesus died for EVERYONE and whoever believes IN Him (receives … Continue reading Whoever Means You!

Like a Glass of Water

We can view life like a glass of water—half full or half empty. When we focus on our problems and pains, we're overpowered by hopelessness and defeated by doubt. But when we see the good in life DESPITE our problems and pain, we have hope and joy. Jesus said we'd have tribulations in this life … Continue reading Like a Glass of Water

NO Excuse for Ignorance

Ignorance can have deadly consequences. When we stand before God one day, no excuse will save us from the sins we committed in ignorance. God gave us His Word—the Bible—to study and KNOW right from wrong. As Christians, we can't assume that if other Christians compromise His Word, it's okay because it's NOT. We must … Continue reading NO Excuse for Ignorance

Our Accomplishments

We're all proud of the things we've accomplished. Some took years of education and training; others took perseverance and faith to get through the rough times. But we can't get puffed up in our own glory because it was God who created each of us and blessed us with our successes. Regardless of our accomplishments, … Continue reading Our Accomplishments

Opinion or Truth

Today, the benchmark of "truth" is being replaced by personal opinion. Many aggressively defend their right to choose their own truth, and some Christians get caught in the hype and argue with them. But God never told us to argue with a fool: He told us to PEACEFULLY preach the gospel. His Truth is precious, … Continue reading Opinion or Truth

Things are About to Change

We're surrounded by wars, increased crime, horrible viruses, and irregular natural disasters—and it's getting worse every day. But it's all going to end soon because Jesus is getting ready to return and take back His world. He won't come as a humble lamb but as a mighty lion, King over all the earth. It sounds … Continue reading Things are About to Change

What Stands Forever?

Our world is filled with diverse religions because we have separated ourselves from the God of Heaven and created false gods to appease our selfish desires and lusts. But—there is ONLY one God, and He does NOT change or compromise His integrity. The Scriptures are His words for us, and we have ZERO authority to … Continue reading What Stands Forever?

The Sting of Unforgiveness

Betrayal hurts, and anger and hatred grow when emotions take control. When Jesus died on that cross for our sins, HE FORGAVE US and continues to forgive us even though we don't deserve it. The person who hurt us might not care and may do it again, but we forgive them anyway because we can't … Continue reading The Sting of Unforgiveness

You’re Not Alone

Loneliness is horrible, and many suffer from it. When our world changes because we lose a loved one, have to move away, or choose to not follow the world, life can become lonely. Yet, as Christians, we shouldn't feel alone because we are NOT alone. We have Jesus, our devoted and faithful FRIEND, and regardless … Continue reading You’re Not Alone

Patience is a Virtue

We live in a world of instant access, high ego, and little patience. Many Christians believe that God should also answer prayers immediately—and their way. But when we answered God's call to salvation, we surrendered to Jesus, our Lord, and must study the Scriptures to know Him, obey His Word, and fulfill that calling. God … Continue reading Patience is a Virtue