Jesus is Able!

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People tend to judge their own sin according to their own ideas. Some feel that their sin is too great so they won’t ask God to forgive them because they don’t believe that He can or will. Others assume that they are good because they haven’t done anything bad that they’re aware of; they go to church and live a basically good life so they don’t need to be forgiven for anything. However, sin is not measured by degree or by our understanding. All sin is equal! If we’ve broken even the smallest of God’s laws at any time during our entire lifetime, then we are guilty. The fact is, we have all sinned and we all need to be forgiven. Jesus alone is able to forgive!

  • For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.—Romans 3:23

An easy way to understand this is to compare our state of life with two clouds. The earth is covered in black clouds of different densities and colors of grey and black. Heaven, on the other hand, is covered in pure white clouds with absolutely no shade of grey or black. Now in between the black clouds over the earth are small white clouds, and even though they are small and spread throughout the earth, they are totally separated from the black. These have had all the impurities removed from them and they are protected so that the black clouds cannot corrupt them again.

All the people of the earth are in one or the other. We can’t be in both, nor can we be void of both. We are in one or the other.

  • No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.—Matthew 6:24

Parts of that dark cloud are light grey, but there is no white in any part of it even though there are those small white clouds in between. Now if a storm were to brew over the earth and the clouds were to be separated, the white clouds would rise to join with the main big white cloud in Heaven because there is no dark in them to weigh them down. The dark clouds would remain because they are heavy with darkness and can’t rise.

The black cloud represents the heart of sin. The white cloud represents the pure heart because it has no sin in it. We are all born into the black cloud—in sin—but to be free of that cloud—of all sin and corruption that is weighing us down—we need to shed that darkness so we can be part of the pure cloud. We need to get out of the black and into the white, and there is one way to do that.

When Adam and Eve sinned against God in the garden, they brought sin onto the earth so that every person ever born is born with a sin-filled heart. It doesn’t matter if you’ve chosen to become a nun or fallen into corruption and become a murderer, we all have sin and we all need a Savior. On our own we will never be free of the weight of the dark cloud (sin) that keeps us separated from the white cloud (God).

born again3Jesus alone can save us! He came to earth (as a tiny pure white cloud amid the dark) and made a way for every one of us to join Him. He took our sins away when He died on the cross and He broke the chains of death and hell so that now, when we accept His salvation, we are cleansed of all sin. We are born again and we no longer belong to darkness (the black cloud) because we have been redeemed into His marvelous light.

It doesn’t matter how much sin we think we have or don’t have, if there is even the tiniest speck of sin in us, it will keep us out of Heaven because Heaven is pure. On our own, it is impossible to cleanse ourselves from sin. Living a good life and trying to be a good person doesn’t remove the darkness. Only Jesus is able to remove it! If we haven’t received His salvation and had our heart cleansed and His Spirit put in us, then we still belong to the darkness, and Heaven will not be our eternity. And when Jesus calls His saints to join Him in the clouds in the VERY near future, those with sin in them will be weighed down and not rise to meet Him in that rapture. Only the pure in heart (the saved) will hear His call and rise. Those that are left behind will be sorry.

Jesus died for everyone—for you and for me, but you have to accept Him and turn away from the darkness. running-out-of-timeDon’t put off the decision to let Jesus in and cleanse you! He came 2000 years ago as our Savior, but the time to accept His salvation is almost over. He’s getting ready to return as King and Judge, and there won’t be a second chance to repent then when you stand before Him. The time to receive His salvation is NOW! He will cleanse you now, forgive you and fill you with His life now so you will be free of sin. Today is the day of salvation so don’t be careless and put it off until “later”.

God is gracious and He won’t force Himself on anyone. Jesus died for everyone, and faithful followers have preached His truth for 2000 years, but only those who receive it will be saved from the wrath of God to come. Eternity without God means an endless life of pain, sorrow, sin, sickness, corruption and poverty with the devil, and totally separated from God. Jesus is ready to receive you now if you don’t know Him, so you can be free from all evil forever and live with Jesus in peace, joy, happiness and health. The choice is yours.

It doesn’t matter how great or petty your think your sin is, you need to get it forgiven and get of the darkness. Just ask Jesus to cleanse you, to forgive you and become your Savior, and then read your Bible, talk to God often in prayer, and listen to some uplifting worship music. There is nothing in your life that God can’t change or fix for you once you have given your heart to Him. Just ask Him and then trust Him. Jesus is Lord and if He is able to forgive you of your sins and make you pure, then He is also able to give you the victory through the things that the darkness has put on you.

You may think life is okay now without Jesus, but that’s a lie that darkness puts over you when you’re part of its world and have no clue to what freedom is. Don’t be deceived! Don’t put it off—call out to Jesus NOW! He is able to save you from it all.


confess our sins

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2 thoughts on “Jesus is Able!

    • God does not like divorce as the marriage between one man and one woman is very sacred to Him. However, He allowed divorce through Moses because of the foolishness of His children. In today’s world, when we come to know Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, all acts of divorce are forgiven and we live in His grace. However, even believers face divorce and they need to bring it to God and realize that He will allow it if it is causing them to be separated from God. In other words, if the spouse is causing you to not be able to love and serve God, then it’s best to part from them, but God tells us that we are to try and live with them if we love them (1 Corinthians 7:14) because there is always the hope that by staying with the spouse, they will also find Jesus and be saved.


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