Stumbling in the Darkness

When the lights go out, we can't see clearly and often stumble because our surroundings are deceiving, not what they appear to be. This is the way it is in this world. It's dark, and, we often stumble because we are deceived. But when we accept Jesus as our Savior, His light penetrates the darkness, … Continue reading Stumbling in the Darkness

Keep the Oil in My Lamp

If you were lost at night in a forest without a light, you wouldn't see the path because of the darkness. Likewise, even as Christians, we'll continue to stumble in the darkness unless we keep our lamps filled with oil! The Bible IS that oil! It fills our lamps and allows the Light to shine … Continue reading Keep the Oil in My Lamp

A Light in the Darkness

The world around us is falling deeper and deeper into darkness, and more than ever before, we need to keep our light burning so we don't stumble. It's heading for God's wrath but we can stay safe by keeping our flame alive and staying on God's path! Many people see this recent time of isolation … Continue reading A Light in the Darkness

Jesus is Able!

People tend to judge their own sin according to their own ideas. Some feel that their sin is too great so they won’t ask God to forgive them because they don’t believe that He can or will. Others assume that they are good because they haven’t done anything bad that they’re aware of; they go to … Continue reading Jesus is Able!