Stand in faith but don’t murmur

Take your stand in faith and be trusting and patient, but don’t murmur about it!

Often when we are taking a stand in faith it means we’re giving up something that the world says we need while we turn our trust and confidence to God. It can often mean a sacrifice that can be a short term or a long term event. When we start off it’s easy because we are so committed to trusting God and following His plan for our life, but as time drags on we begin to realize that we miss the things we’ve given up – even though we’re still trusting God – and we begin to murmur.

We begin to speak out loud how we miss doing this, eating that or being part of another thing. We start off with quiet remarks and if we’re not careful, we end up complaining about our stand in faith.

What if God said to us, “Well, if it’s too much, go back to the world and follow them instead of trusting me.”  That would be devestating for us. We wouldn’t allow ourselves to have the Lord think that about us and yet, what is He to think? If all we do is murmur about how hard the stand of faith is for us, maybe we really don’t believe it in the first place.

Murmuring caused Moses to have to put his own sister out of the camp for a period while she realized how offensive she was being to the Lord and how her negative murmurings were affecting other people. It was a ritual that they followed at that time, but being put out of the camp today could mean losing our stand of faith altogether.

Instead of murmuring or complaining about the cost we’re enduring from taking a stand of faith, we need to seek the Lord for His strength to get us through it. He knows what we’re going through. He knows the sacrifices we’re making to stand and remain standing. He wants us to keep our faith and trust Him, so if anyone is going to give us the strength to do that, it will be God.

Murmuring is just another one of doubt’s tactics that slips in gently and then grows constantly until it destroys our faith. Words have a tremendous impact on our actions. When we speak positive and declare our faith it makes us strong, and when we murmur and complain about having to stand in faith, it lets doubt in to destroy us.

The next time we feel the oppression coming on and we know we’re going to start murmuring, we should immediately shout praises to the Lord and declare His mighty power in our lives. And when we praise Him, the angels praise Him and there just isn’t any place for anything else. When we stand in faith we cast down doubt and we don’t murmur. We praise the Lord for the victory He is giving us!

“… for the joy of the LORD is our strength.”  … Nehemiah 8:10

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